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originally published 07/28/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Billy Dee Williams
Thank you for your article on Billy Dee Williams (PEOPLE, July 7). As a black, I am delighted he will be taking center stage in the next installment of the Empire saga. As a woman, I also hope that the expansion and development of Lando Calrissian's character will include the casting of a black actress opposite Billy Dee. Perhaps then we will finally see the male-female fireworks that have thus far been sorely missing from the Star Wars universe.
Rosalind Grey

A resounding thank-you for your articles on The Empire Strikes Back. But fair's fair. How about a cover on Harrison Ford? After all, he did manage to steal Princess Leia's heart, that scoundrel!
Lee Ann Edwards
Southampton, Pa.

Jane Muskie
Your article on Jane Muskie states: "In the 1972 New Hampshire attack on Jane in the infamous Manchester Union Leader reduced the candidate to tears before news cameras. The political apocrypha has it that Muskie's campaign was discredited in that moment. 'When he was appointed Secretary of State and reporters were going over our background,' Jane recalls, 'I said to him, "Oh my God, won't they ever forget that?" He said, "No, they won't. Every time I go through Manchester, I look the other way." ' " The Manchester Union Leader is not infamous, nor did we attack Jane Muskie. We published a condensed version of a story from Newsweek, which had condensed the original feature on Jane Muskie from a story that appeared in Women's Wear Daily.
Paul H. Tracy
Manchester Union Leader
Manchester, N.H.

I find it very disturbing, to say the least, that our Secretary of State, supposedly a "tower of strength," refers to his wife as "Mommy"!
Rosemary Duffy
State College, Pa.

Muskie doesn't call Jane Mommy as much anymore since their children are grown. She became Mommy "when the kids were little." He still does not call her Jane; he never has. They both call each other "Honey."

Lynn Stalmaster
Your first two words, "drooping ratings," tell it all. Even if "master caster" Stalmaster's new find, Tanya Roberts, does put the jiggle back in Charlie's Angels, the public is bored with it. Wake up, ABC! "Provocative figures" are on every channel, all night long. Find a beautiful "chunko" and put some humor in the show.
Mrs. Natalie Brocious
Erie, Pa.

Thomas Cash
Thanks to psychologist Cash for doing a study on the importance of appearance as an influence on our fortunes in life. Now that we are made aware of still another human immaturity, maybe we can lessen its impact.
Alice L. Davis
Mundelein, Ill.

Thomas Cash is right! I just finished my teaching course and was rated poor under personal appearance by a professor because I was "fat." I'm sure it affects grades too.
Maureen Fennell

I agree with Thomas Cash except for one thing, his "exchange" theory. I have a law for that. The attractiveness of the male in question is directly proportionate to how well his pockets are lined. Cash says it hardly happens anymore. The "exchange" theory is going on ALL the time. Right, girls?
B.A. Johnson
St. Louis

Little River Band
I saw the LRB's opening here just last evening. Although I am in the music business (and have been for over 13 years), I don't attend many concerts. I must admit that both my husband and I were highly impressed. Of course the Little River Band will get respect; that's how they treat their audience.
Marsha Ingraham
Los Angeles

David Toma
When I was in high school Mr. Toma spoke to us about drugs, crime and his experiences. "Wouldn't it be wonderful," he asked, "if no one used drugs or anything artificial to get their high? What a great world it would be if we were all high just on life itself." The truthfulness of this statement and the compassion behind it will always be with me.
Cathy Wirthlin
Agoura, Calif.

The master-of-disguise cop, Dave Toma, was the first person I booked in my role as talent coordinator for The Mike Douglas Show. My producer felt that he was not a particularly stimulating guest. Therefore I took some glee in watching Toma's star rise rapidly following his appearance. I probably felt deep down that I had discovered him. Imagine my chagrin and the resulting ego deflation after I read in PEOPLE that Toma "gave the talent coordinator a phony name and told her about a cop named Toma who was a master of disguises." Your story then elaborated on how I was set up by Toma himself. I am no longer a talent coordinator and Dave Toma is no longer a TV star. Perhaps, after all, there is justice in this world.
Sandy Norris Lape

Portland's Ash
Why is it every time a story is done on Mount St. Helens, Portland, Oreg. gets the limelight? It is high time southwest Washington was recognized, for this is where the Grand Ole Lady is situated and the U.S. Geographical Survey team is stationed in Vancouver, Wash. (not B.C.). There is a bumper sticker that expresses the way many folks around here feel: "Oregonians, find your own volcano!"
Carrie Mueller
Vancouver, Wash.

Picks & Pans
How could you give Humanoids from the Deep a decent review? Those "good fake scares" were cheap attempts to frighten the filmgoer with blood and slime. We can watch the TV news and see that junk. If you won't warn the public about this one, let me do it: The movie is the pits and not worth paying a penny for.
Kandi Amelon
Southfield, Mich.

Erin Gray
I respect actress Erin Gray's right to believe "If you don't have a child, you're not a real woman." I hope she respects my right to believe she's crazy.
Bobbye Henley
Jackson, Miss.

Athos Pratesi
I was appalled to read that actress Tina Louise spent $803 on Pratesi pillowcases. Just think of what the cancer society could have done with that money!
Candice Collins
Germantown, Tenn.

I read with amazement your report that Pope Paul VI ordered those expensive sheets for himself. I wondered if he actually paid full retail price for this extravagance or if they were a gift from Pratesi.
C. Bellamy
Hammond, Ind.

The monogrammed white linen sheets were a gift from the Montini nieces, daughters of a brother of the late Pope. The Montinis, a wealthy family, are regular customers of Pratesi.—ED.

The Diving Dogs
In your June 23 issue you described Cooley, the Labrador from Destin, Fla., as the only diving dog in the Florida panhandle. I happen to know there is another diving dog in Destin named Toki from the East Pass Marina. Toki, a female pit bull, might take exception to the fact that she is not getting as much press as Cooley.
Richard S. Bugajski
Bloomington, Ill.

Toki dives eight to 10 feet for beer cans, says owner Herman Jones. Cooley goes to 30 feet, ripostes owner Randy Gibson, and has now learned to retrieve a six-pack. A new entry, Cooley's 5-month-old daughter, Pepper, has already made it to six feet.

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