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updated 09/29/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/29/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 24
A panel of fashion pros helps PEOPLE separate the chic from the gauche among John Travolta, Barbara Walters, Hamilton Jordan, Cher, Ronald Reagan, Iggy Pop et al

Up Front 32

The music world stages a seven-month birthday party for virtuoso fiddler Isaac Stern's 60th

Maryland official Thomas Flowers cuts a ribbon and burns his bridges

Teacher 37
Prof. James Dinnan is in jail—not class—defending his idea of academic freedom

Out of the Pages 41
Consenting Adults, Peter DeVries' new novel, is a hilarious survey of suburban sex

Medics 44
Elizabeth Morgan emerges as doctor, author and feminist with The Making of a Woman Surgeon

On the Move 53
If anyone can lay claim to the title The Son of Rock 'n' Roll, it's Johnny Burnette's son, Rocky

Couples 57
Rich and Nancy Obermaier try to lead a normal life while envisioning a normal future for their Siamese twin daughters

Off the Screen 60
After Little Darlings and My Bodyguard, life is bully for teen throb Matt Dillon

Over the Tube 68
Catherine Hicks needed a little padding to give a rounded TV portrayal of Marilyn Monroe

Bio 70
His family fortune was going, going, gone until the Earl of Westmorland took over Sotheby's booming auction house

Spirit 76
His new mirror-glass, $18 million Crystal Cathedral is the proof of "Possibility Thinking" for TV preacher Robert Schuller

Lookout 80

Basketball ace Mary Ostrowski

Bridge Life Master Billy Hsieh

In His Own Words 83
What you don't know about medicines can hurt you, counsels pharmacologist Joe Graedon, author of People's Pharmacy-2

Jocks 88
Larry Holmes defends his heavyweight title against three-time champion Muhammad Ali, then goes happily home to the wife and kids

Mail 6

People Picks & Pans 10

Brad Davis joins the Marines in CBS' A Rumor of War, while Vanessa Redgrave stars, controversially, in CBS' Playing for Time

That survivor among biographical novelists, Irving Stone, takes on Darwin, and Tom (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues) Robbins is back with another improbable fable

Two of music's old reliables—Don Williams of Nashville and Chicago of where else?—are back with soothing LPs

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field reach the end of the road in a disappointing sequel, Smokey and the Bandit II

Star Tracks 64

Susan Richardson drops 70 pounds

Larry Hagman is a runaway hit at the races

Daredevil Gary Wells vaults to disaster

Dick Gregory cooks up a new campaign

Rocket man Elton John rocks Central Park

The James Masons debut in Deauville

People Puzzle 48

Chatter 90

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