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originally published 09/29/1980 AT 01:00 AM EDT

After seeing Airplane! on its initial "flight" to Portland, I found myself buying a return ticket (PEOPLE, Sept. 8). My thanks to Zucker, Zucker & Abrahams Travel Agency for the best trip during my summer vacation.
Jim Kahn
Portland, Oreg.

Book Bonus
Thanks to your compact edition of The Fifth Horseman, it cost $2.85 to read a timely and gripping thriller that would otherwise have cost $17.65 here. And I commend your choice. No matter what fictional elements The Horseman contains, it was a realistic warning to all Westerners, who should recognize the strength of the Third World before international instability threatens our co-existence.
Andrew Currie
Nepean, Ont.

George Miller
Well, statistician Miller missed his guess on who would be the next Miss America, but only by a state line. Sorry to see there's someone with a Ph.D. and nothing better to do than compare women's measurements. By the way, did anyone else happen to notice that the Miss America Orchestra was playing Send in the Clowns while the contestants were introducing themselves?
Kay Lyons
Los Angeles

I am sure I speak for many other Oklahomans when I say thank you, Dr. Miller, for not including Susan Powell in your selection of probable winners. Susan is now, of course, Miss America 1981.
Holly S. Hudson
Coalgate, Okla.

Miss Oklahoma came out on top in George Miller's final analysis, which, like last year's, included information on the swimsuit and talent competitions (Susan Powell was a talent winner). Although Miller sent his revised prediction to UPI the night before the judging, it received almost no national attention. "Everyone still thinks I'm a loser," he moans.—ED.

You say that New Jersey has never won, and I beg to differ. Miss America 1937 was Bette Cooper, Miss Bertrand Island, New Jersey.
Nancy Moran

Bette, 17, was crowned and early the next morning "abdicated" to her home in Hackettstown. Neither she nor her parents were happy with the result of what had started out as a lark.—ED.

Ron Ely
Ron Ely has personality-plus. For the first time in many years, I didn't fall asleep before the new Miss America was announced.
Millie Yarick

Ron Ely should go back to the trees. What a jerk. My husband also wants, as Ron says, "a home compatible with his interests." There's one major difference. A big part of my husband's interests is in seeing that my interests receive the same attention as his. It's called respect, obviously something Ely knows nothing about.
Pamela Byrd-Mauldin
Canton, N.C.

Tadeusz Walendowski
Your sympathetic story on dissent in Poland focused on myself for the simple reason that I happened to be here. But, overwhelmed perhaps by the magnitude of recent Polish events, you made me a couple of sizes too big. I would never presume to be counted among the dissident movement's real leaders, whose friendship I cherished and whose stamina and dedication I admired.
Tadeusz Walendowski
Arlington, Va.

Helga Wagner
So Helga, pal to Teddy and the Prince, gets her kicks buzzing 'gators in the Everglades. Are there no regulations to ban such sadistic fun and games, or are her influential friends too full of admiration while treading her leopard and zebra rugs? As a member of API (Animal Protection Institute of America), I wish to register my disgust.
Mrs. J.M. Blanchard
Hartland, Wis.

Earl Campbell
Texans take great pride in Oiler Earl Campbell. He's an extremely talented football player but above all a great man. If my 11-year-old son grows up to be half the man Earl is, I'll feel I have fulfilled my responsibility as a mother.
Phyllis Schilling
San Antonio

Dr. Leland Carmichael
How could this veterinarian say that universal inoculation for parvovirus is unnecessary when in another breath he says, "one gram of stool tracked in on a shoe has enough virus to infect a million dogs"! I have two dogs and they have been inoculated. It's a small price to pay to insure that when you walk into the house you won't be tracking in death.
Renae Wilier
New York City

Rachel Sweet
Those who saw Rachel Sweet at Bookie's Club 870 in Detroit were completely won over. It was not her youth that earned the admiration of the audience, but her genuine enthusiasm and talent. Other singers may get more publicity, but anyone who fails to check out "sweet" Rachel will miss some great rock 'n' roll.
John Dennis
Traverse City, Mich.

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