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updated 11/10/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/10/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 113
As TV's hottest show returns, Dallas' Linda Gray exults in the prime time of her life, 35,625 readers pop off on the burning question of who shot J.R., and PEOPLE has one answer

Up Front 42

The children of John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Dick Powell believe a film made near Nevada's atomic testing range may have led to their parents' deaths

As Walter Cronkite, Burt Reynolds, Carol Burnett and other celebs cry "Brava," Beverly Sills bids a final farewell to the stage

Strange boatfellows Fidel Castro and Sen. Lowell Weicker talk turkey over lobster

Crime 57
In Atlanta bereaved mother Camille Bell spurs a hunt for the killer of at least 10 black children

Couples 61
Alan Bergman's words of love to wife Marilyn become lyrics for Streisand and Diamond

Inventors 68
Russell Bear aims to scare away potential muggers with a purse-sized flamethrower

Coping 75
Alice co-star Beth Howland tells how she struggled with single parenthood and won

Bio 88
Jessica Savitch, 32, stirs ratings—and envy—as NBC's answer to Barbara Walters

Out of the Pages 96
Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear makes publishing prehistory

Body 101
For a million-dollar smile, California dentist Mardy Doyle recommends veneer caps

In Her Own Words 105
Childhood experiences can make people more frightened of success than of failure, says psychotherapist Martha Friedman

In the Money 121
Juan Metzger has profited by turning yogurt into a household word in the U.S.

To the Top 125
Singer Irene Cara, having graduated magna-cum-loudly in Fame, is Out Here on My Own

Arts 133
Photorealistic painter James Bama is the West's Andrew Wyeth

Lookout 140

Actor Adam Baldwin

Author Julie List

Party 144
Styron, Updike and Bacall glitter at a fund raiser for struggling poets and writers

On Stage 148
Lord Olivier's protégé and perhaps successor, Derek (I, Claudius) Jacobi, plays Hamlet on PBS

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 11

The new season is finally starting, but old movies with Robert Redford and Roger Moore are the class of the TV week

Philip (A Rumor of War) Caputo writes an African novel that's no match for his memoir about Vietnam

The Family Jackson and the ex-family of George Jones and Tammy Wynette offer satisfying new LPs

Woody Allen's new semi-self-portrait, Stardust Memories, is funny and mordant; Goldie Hawn's Private Benjamin is just funny

Star Tracks 78

Erik Estrada is caught kissing

Gary Coleman partners Danielle Brisebois

Lena Horne gets a "Goofy" award

James Caan lands a liberating role

Kristy and Jimmy McNichol hack around

Dr. Christiaan Barnard urges euthanasia

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 150

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