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updated 11/24/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/24/1980 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 117
Under Michael Landon's tutelage, Melissa Gilbert remains joyously innocent at 16, though she's now a wife on Little House and a star in her own production of The Diary of Anne Frank

Up Front 30

A grim skein of racial executions claims at least 10 people—and, after a nationwide FBI manhunt, Joseph Paul Franklin stands accused

Tampico, III. looks to its future as a local boy named Reagan makes good

Ice queen Dorothy Hamill gives Dean-Paul Martin a going (up, up and) away party as he enters the Air National Guard

In an exclusive interview, Egypt's Anwar Sadat discusses the spiritual background of his pursuit of peace

Medics 51
Urologist Milorad Jevtich believes that the causes of impotence are usually physical

In His Own Words 57
A cooling trend all over the globe may in time affect the U.S. wheat crop and world agriculture, says climatologist Reid Bryson

To the Top 65
Transition boss Ed Meese is directing President-elect Reagan's march on Washington

On the Move 71
Charlotte Rampling vamps Woody Allen in Stardust Memories, but she's left her impetuous past behind to raise three kids in Paris

Happy 81
At 47, millionaire dentist Herbert Odom has gone middle-aged crazy as a pro boxer

Bio 89
Sci-fi wizard Ray Bradbury has conjured up 100 of his best tales

Arts 105
The world's most American major ballet company, Robert Joffrey's, is reborn

Coping 111
Auto executive Thomas Murphy grapples with Detroit's biggest job—running GM

Couples 124
Art Buchwald kibitzes as his wife, Ann, recalls their Paris romance

Adventure 130
Jaws beware! Shark hunters John Dinga and Rob Mottice are on the prowl

For a Song 135
There's nothing timid about the Pointer Sisters' comeback with He's So Shy

Lookout 138

Mine foreman Mary Sellers

Conductor Myung-Whun Chung

Party 141
A crush of Oscar, Emmy and Tony winners toast the school that trained Newman, Monroe, Pacino and Fonda—to name a few

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

The Mouseketeers are back on TV at 25, and so are Kenny Rogers, Raquel Welch and Alec Guinness in a holiday platter of specials

Jane O'Reilly's The Girl I Left Behind proves that feminism and a sense of humor don't have to be mutually exclusive

Bruce Springsteen plunges back into the swim with style on The River

Jason Robards, in Melvin and Howard, and Shirley MacLaine, in Loving Couples, try to redeem otherwise meandering movies

Runner James Fixx, Mount St. Helens and, of course, Bo Derek star in calendars for 1981

Star Tracks 99

The Muppets, class of '80

Lily Tomlin's being toyed with

Joan Baez hosts Sean MacBride

Burgess Meredith debuts at the keyboard

Rudolf Nureyev's personal peacemaker

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 144

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