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updated 01/26/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/26/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

Muskie ministers
The scene was the American Foreign Service Association meeting last week, and the atmosphere was charged over the hostage negotiations. While perennial statesman W. Averell Harriman chatted with freed hostage Richard Queen (background), outgoing Secretary of State Edmund Muskie shared a few hopeful words with Penne Laingen, 49, wife of Chargé d'Affaires Bruce Laingen.

Eden bellies up
Back in the '60s, before there was "Who Shot J.R.?" TV viewers wondered, "Where is Jeannie's navel?" In those long-ago days Larry Hagman was cast as the faithful husband, and NBC decreed Barbara Eden's navel not ready for prime time, hiding it under a high waistband. Happily, times change. Next week, in her new NBC series, Harper Valley P.T.A., Eden, 46, will appear briefly in her updated old getup—and at last unveil her bellybutton.

Hitched-up Angel
Cheryl Ladd and her ex-husband's good friend, 35-year-old songwriter Brian Russell, wanted to get their marriage off to a rolling start, (it's the second time around for both of them; Brian's first wife, singer Brenda Russell, had been Cheryl's friend for more than seven years.) So they decided to saddle up at Puma Paw Ranch in Rifle, Colo, the morning before Brian's dad, a Toronto minister, married them. Said the nervous 28-year-old bride: "We couldn't think of a better way to relax."

Roman holiday
Who was that French stunner with 47-year-old director Roman Polanski at Gstaad? "Sabina is just a friend with whom he spent 10 days skiing," snaps an aide. At 18, Sabina Chudy is three years older than old flame Nastassia (Tess) Kinski was, but that doesn't mean it's serious. "The press marries him each time they see him with a new face," the aide complains. "Either he crushes their cameras or faces them with a resigned smile." With both hands full, Roman smiled.

Story of Z
No, George Hamilton and Lauren Hut-ton were not on location in Cuernavaca to shoot South American Gigolo or Love at First Welt. In their new project Hutton plays a 19th-century feminist journeying through Old California, where she catches the eye of a dashing, sword-and whip-wielding Robin Hood named Don Diego, a/k/a Zorro. Lucky George (who is co-producer) swings both ways in the flick—playing Zorro and his swish-buckling brother Ramon. The comedy, due for release this summer, is titled Zorro and the Gay Blade. Seriously.

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