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updated 04/06/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/06/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 122
Her zoom to the top as the hayseed honey of CBS' Dukes of Hazzard made Catherine Bach's love life a demolition derby, but, at 27, her heart is in her career

Up Front 36

His kingdom for a horse? Twice in five days, Prince Charles fell on his crown at the racetrack

Dean Hazel's tax revolt against the IRS may have mistaken a noose for a loophole

Cleveland Amory's latest crusade saves the burros of the Grand Canyon

Edward Albee's Lolita is a Broadway disaster, but a splendid showcase for Carroll Baker's daughter Blanche

Crime 51
St. Louis process server Minnie Mitgang is no mouse; she always gets her man

Song 55
Robert "Kool" Bell and his Gang celebrate their survival as a group and a No. 1 hit

Couples 62
Robin Cook is the best-selling brain and actress wife Barbara the beauty

Coping 69
After 18 years as a senator, Gaylord Nelson turns to Mother Nature as head of the Wilderness Society

Body 77
Wigmaker Ralph Mollica is tops with Carol Channing and Louise Lasser

Money 83
Larry Hagman talks his actress daughter, Heidi, into a more esthetic art form

Arts 89
Piano virtuoso Gary Graffman begins a comeback from a mysterious malady: keyboard cramps

In His Own Words 95
Can two careers go into one marriage? Psychologist David Rice says yes—if

Bio 100
Wall Street is bearish on Joseph Granville, but when this guru talks, the stock market listens

Style 115
Debbie Harry, John Travolta and even Lady Di acquire a dash of flash at Fiorucci

Inventors 129
Heinz Wolff's sexometer tells birth-control-minded lovers when to cool it

Lookout 132

Discovery 135
Professor Kurt Irgolic seeks to unlock The Formula, the Nazis' synfuel secrets

Spirit 145
Hockey-playing priest Vaughan Quinn masks his humanitarian goals behind a puckish style

Stage 149
Ronald and Nancy Reagan join other fans and friends at Elizabeth Taylor's stage premiere

Mail 11

People Picks & Pans 12

Barbara Mandrell, Johnny Cash and Crystal Gayle enliven a country celebration on CBS

Mary (Final Payments) Gordon struggles with an overwrought plot: young women victimized by a Catholic upbringing

Grace Slick flounders on her own, Loretta Lynn blends niftily with Conway Twitty, and Sheena Easton has a splashy LP debut

While Roger Moore and Gene Wilder populate an uncertain international film collaboration, Sunday Lovers, Federico Fellini solos with a triumphant City of Women

Star Tracks 109

Joel Grey entertains some short people

Dr. Denton Cooley funds a basketball court

A night out for Jean-Paul Belmondo

Peter Falk's wife kisses his hand

John Denver sings along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

People Puzzle 143

Chatter 152

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