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originally published 04/06/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

Blondie's Debbie Harry
Congratulations on your Debbie Harry article (PEOPLE, March 16). Now that she has "clawed her way to the top," her fans will do all they can to keep her there. Debbie warns, "Addiction is never the right thing to do." I've been addicted since her first album and have no plans for kicking the habit.
Steve Lasky
Las Vegas

Debbie Harry's remark that a search for her birth parents would be an "insult to the Harrys" is insulting to those of us adoptees in search. I feel that there is no degree of "realness" in parents; one set of parents is biological, one set of parents is psychological.
Lynn Cooper (née Sharron Marlene Powers)

Crime in Hollywood
I read with great interest your article about the Hollywood celebrities who attended Joan Rivers' tear gas party and their concern over the rising crime rate. These celebrities should stop and think about how they earn their livings: making movies and television programs that show people constantly being raped, mugged and murdered. Then they take their enormous salaries to install complicated alarm systems and build bunkers to protect themselves from the very crimes they are perpetrating on TV. If all stars would refuse such roles, it would be a giant step forward in lowering the crime rate.
Jeanie Patterson
Mill Valley, Calif.

Johnny Lee
Initially I was delighted to discover an article about country star Johnny Lee; I was less than delighted, however, to read his insensitive remark about the "real pooches" that he discards in his quest for a better quality of woman. In fact, I was outraged! If Mr. Lee continues to judge women on such a shallow basis, my guess is that he'll be lookin' for love for a long, long time.
Brenda S. Allen
Maryville, Tenn.

Maria Callas
My congratulations on your excerpts from Maria Callas: The Woman Behind the Legend. I hope you will continue to print these amusing and extravagant stories for "ordinary" people like myself who think that they exist only in fantasy or movies.
Maria Parrella

Taylor Caldwell
In regard to your editorial comment that Taylor Caldwell's new novel, Answer as a Man, is "amateurish claptrap," may I say that I have read Taylor Caldwell for many, many years, along with a wide sampling of the classics, and I can only suppose that your comments about Ms. Caldwell spring from your own "amateurish" understanding of the underlying basis for Ms. Caldwell's works—that is, the terrible irony of the human condition and the fact that, in spite of it all, people now and then rise to a level of brilliance, as Ms. Caldwell herself has done on a number of occasions.
Fran Skeens
Orlando, Fla.

James Pritchett
I don't agree with the FAA inspector who said, "Pilots are sanctimonious asses who are overprotective of one another." As a pilot, I feel James Pritchett got what he deserved for flying recklessly. I can't believe any pilot or pilots' association could support his appeal.
Richard Myers
Flint, Mich.

Parents of Murdered Children
My brother was murdered on Nov. 23, 1980. He was working two nights a week in a convenience grocery store to put himself through college when a robber entered the store. Instead of leaving with money, he took my brother's life. The pain my family has experienced cannot be felt by anyone except someone who has also had a loved one taken from them so senselessly and tragically. Your article on Charlotte Hullinger and her organization was a godsend.
Barbara Harper Carrera
Champlin, Minn.

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