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updated 04/13/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/13/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

Test-tub baby
The first human being conceived in a petri dish, Louise Joy Brown, is going on 3 and still making waves. Her biggest splashes these days, though, are confined to bubble baths supervised by mother Lesley at home in Bristol, England while daddy John is out driving his lorry. Ever since a worldwide show-and-tell tour when Louise was an infant, the Browns have avoided the limelight. CBS will eventually be shedding more, however, in a movie based on Our Miracle Called Louise, the couple's 1979 book that has helped keep their baby in bubbles.

Suiting Sly to a T
Sylvester Stallone is making FISTs again. But in Rocky III, which began shooting last month, Rocky Balboa is battling not Apollo Creed (the ex-champ, portrayed again by Carl Weathers, is now Rocky's coach) but a new adversary, Clubber Lang, played by Lawrence Tero, a/k/a Mr. T. The boxer, a former bodyguard of Muhammad Ali, favors a Mohawk haircut and feathers in his ear, and sounds a bit like his ex-boss when talking about his prowess at protection. "I'm not the biggest or the baddest or the meanest," he says, "but I am the best." Bombast aside, how is Mr. T's acting? Says Sly: "He was born to play the part."

Chaste at Chasen's
The odd couple at Chasen's Hollywood restaurant were Barbara Stanwyck, 73, and John Travolta, 27. Despite Travolta's penchant for older women, the tête-â-tête was, alas, just another meeting of famous minds. "It was a mutual admiration society," said Maxine Mesinger, a pal of both who set up the dinner. "Barbara told John how much she'd loved Saturday Night Fever, and he was so nervous he could hardly talk to her for the first 10 minutes." After dessert the feisty grande dame insisted on braving the paparazzi with John. How to parry their prying questions? "Tell them," she snorted, "that I'm adopting him."

Macho Mercury
Going Latin while being dressed for a Buenos Aires concert, flamboyant Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock's platinum foursome Queen, stamped out a few bars flamenco-style. The group's seven-show South American tour grossed $5 million, even though a Rio de Janeiro stadium gig was canceled because city fathers feared aficionados would trample the grass. At Queen's other appearances, they rolled out the Astro Turf.

Remembering Duke
Six of John Wayne's seven children—from left, Melinda, Ethan, Patrick, Marisa, Michael and Toni (Aissa was sick)—turned up for the dedication of the John Wayne Cancer Clinic at the UCLA Medical Center, unveiling a bust of their father. Duke okayed the clinic's use of his name after undergoing treatment for terminal abdominal cancer at UCLA in 1979. But he did have misgivings. "Because he was a USC Trojan," explained son Michael, "he was concerned about repercussions from his old school."

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