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updated 04/20/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/20/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 34
While John Hinckley's other victim, actress Jodie Foster, struggles to reestablish her anonymity and continue at Yale, a psychologist examines when a fan's love turns to hate

Up Front 40
Billy Joel, Olivia Newton-John, Gene Simmons and other pop music stars are at sea as record pirates around the world plunder LP profits

Top 49
Actor John Gavin is our new envoy to Mexico—but some locals hope he'll break a leg

Happy 53
Though more accustomed to pâté on TV's Hart to Hart, this time Robert Wagner goes for plain pate

Discovery 54
Magician James Randi's favorite trick is cutting up psychics like Tamara Rand, Jeane Dixon and Uri Geller

Tube 61
Daniel Travanti's critically hot Hill Street Blues confirms his victory over alcoholism

Host 67
To recipe collector Louise Dillow, the Depression meant hard times and Mama's good Texas cooking

Trouble 73
At 17, David Brown took his life in his own hands—he "divorced" his parents

Jocks 82
Overfed and fed up, Patti Catalano sweated off the suet and made herself America's No. 1 woman marathoner

Sequel 86
To sustain Mont-Saint-Michel's pull on tourists, the high cost of raising low tides could reach $40 million

Couples 90
Paula and Gene Hawkins' marriage is a weekender: Workdays she's a senator in Washington and he minds the Florida store

Coping 97
Writer Richard Meryman tells how he came to conquer grief after his wife's death

Lookout 103

Cop-turned-model Adela Rivera

Four-star chef Thomas Ferlesch

Arts 105
Who's Ronald Reagan's favorite artist? A top candidate is Israeli-born Yaacov Agam

Crime 110
Leonard Peltier was convicted of murdering two FBI agents, but new documents raise questions about his trial

Bio 119
First Lady of Fitness Bonnie Prudden has a new mission: exorcising pain

Party 133
As the World Turns and The Edge of Night pour to celebrate 25th birthdays

Mail 7

People Picks & Pans 8

David Bowie and Larry Hagman hop aboard ABC's Omnibus with host Hal Holbrook

Jackie Cooper adds to the volumes on the Hollywood autobiography bookshelf with Please Don't Shoot My Dog

Rosanne Cash's second LP, Seven Year Ache, is a vivacious, witty joy

James Caan splendidly plays a coldly efficient jewel robber in Thief, though Tuesday Weld almost steals the movie

Star Tracks 79

Christina Onassis and Nicky Mavroleon are close—sort of

Dizzy Gillespie and Chaka Khan

Ellen Burstyn gets Bucky Fuller's autograph

Ted Nugent is wild again, naturally

Prince Charles meets three Down Under Dianas

Red Grooms flags down Jasper Johns

People Puzzle 100

Chatter 136

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