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updated 04/27/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/27/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Big Brando
Never mind about Joe DiMaggio, where have you gone, Stanley Kowalski? The way of all flesh, apparently, if Marlon Brando's girth tells the tale. Spotted about to catch a plane in Papeete on his 57th birthday, the onetime star of A Streetcar Named Desire looked less the young lion of yore than the fat, balding oil magnate of his fizzler, The Formula. But Method actor Marlon is now thinking thin. He has been on a diet of coconut milk and banana sandwiches at his Tetiaroa Island retreat off Australia, thirsting to play Picasso if he can find a script.

On the fence
While walking with hubby Denis at Chequers, the prime minister's estate, Britain's iron-willed Margaret Thatcher was caught uncharacteristically straddling a fence. Once back at 10 Downing Street, though, Mrs. Thatcher recovered her balance and her unequivocal style. When rioting broke out in London's heavily black Brixton section and was blamed by many on widespread unemployment, the Conservative PM waxed indignant. "Nothing, but nothing, justifies what happened," she snapped.

Sinatra, fan
When Frank Sinatra and Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda got together in L.A. on the opening day of the baseball season, it was a meeting of a mutual admiration society, but both hoped it was also an omen. "He's the greatest singer in the world and he's a very, very good Dodger fan," said Lasorda of Ol' Blue Eyes. "He's good luck for us." And the Dodgers did indeed shut out the Houston Astros 2-0, avenging last season's loss in the National League playoffs. But only in October will Frank's magic truly be tested. "The last time he was here opening day was in 1977," said Lasorda. "We won the pennant that year."

Charlie's for Jimmy
"Without Charlie Daniels," Jimmy Carter mused in halcyon days, "I might not be President today." Now Carter is living on peanuts and without Charlie Daniels he would be some $66,000 deeper in debt. The C&W bandleader raised that sum (toward a reported $600,000 campaign deficit) with a two-night benefit in Atlanta for the former First Family. In one of his rare public appearances since leaving office, Jimmy, Rosalynn and Amy drove up from Plains, shook some hands and munched homemade sandwiches. Said Daniels: "I worked with Carter because I thought he was right, and I still do."

Show stopper
Tanya Tucker curiously minus Glen Campbell did not, alas, win a Carole Laurent of Paris Fashion Lifestyle Award at a glittering ceremony in L.A. But as a presenter, Tanya (above, right) stole the show in a $650 tan silk outfit topped off by a $250 rhinestone-studded hat she wore to plug the Rhine- stone Cowgirl boutique she'll open this summer. Winners included Linda (Dynasty) Evans (above, left), escorted by manager Jay Bernstein, and Raquel Welch, represented (at left) by husband Andre Weinfeld and daughter Tahnee, 19. Have Campbell and Tucker split? "Definitely not," said David Sebag, president of Carole Laurent. "They're still together, as far as I know."

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