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updated 06/08/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/08/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Is Johnny rotten?
Music may have charms, but they weren't soothing the savage at New York's Ritz club at a performance by Public Image Ltd. featuring Johnny Lydon (the ex-Johnny Rotten). The audience booed and threw bottles when his trio performed behind a large video screen on which their images were projected. "We wanted to do something totally new," Lydon explained. Then, risking a permanently impaired image, he drowned his sorrows in a carton of milk.

Joan on her own
After three years of studies interrupted by husband Ted's presidential campaign, the latest Kennedy candidate, Joan, 44, earned a master of education degree, with a specialty in music, from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass. In the commencement audience of 2,000 were Ted, whom Joan is divorcing, daughter Kara, 21, and sons Edward Jr., 19, and Patrick, 13. "It's a happy day," Joan glowed, showing off Ted's graduation gift bracelet. "He's proud of me."

Kyra's turning point
She once told Rudolf Nureyev, after a performance, "Young man, I will now teach you how to dance!" Then Kyra Nijinsky treated the premier danseur to a lesson in her father's legendary technique. In Cannes for the film festival presentation of She Dances Alone (Robert Dornhelm's movie study of her and the elder Nijinsky), Kyra, 66, took to the dock for a seaside reprise of that historic instruction. Said the San Francisco-based ex-ballerina, "I am the daughter of the Spectre de la Rose."

Tonto Goldwater
Western chic lassoed Washington, D.C. when several hundred suburban cowboys ambled in to meet the latest Lone Ranger, actor Klinton Spilsbury, 31, at a Kennedy Center hoedown. The new masked man was glad-handed by a real-life cowpoke, Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, 72, and received taped congratulations from President Reagan, who cracked that the movie's co-presenter, Jack Wrather, "told me last November that if the election didn't work out I could have the part of the Lone Ranger."

A swelled head?
"Make sure you fit his head in the picture," joked Gilda Radner, nuzzling the noggin of hubby G.E. Smith. Once a guitarist in Gilda's Candy Slice band, G.E. was center stage with his rock group at New York's Savoy club, performing cuts from his new In the World LP. Faces in the crowd included David Bowie, Peter Townshend and Art Garfunkel.

Big Bunny
No, it wasn't Hugh Hefner or Dennis Hopper—not even a Beatrix Potter freak come out of the closet. That limp-eared bunny tucking a carnation into Jack Nicholson's warm palm was merely an official greeter at Cannes. As for the bemused Nicholson—18 pounds lighter than for his starring role in The Postman Always Rings Twice—he pronounced himself "happy. I'm acting not only in films but in life as well, so I'm always having a good time." Then, without further elucidation, he flew to Hawaii for the high school graduation of his daughter Jennifer, 17.

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