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updated 06/15/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/15/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 100
Nice guy Alan Alda—writer, director and star (with Carol Burnett) of The Four Seasons—has a movie S*M*A*S*H, but he's happiest that wife Arlene and their daughters pitched in

Up Front 32

Merchants selling survival capitalize on the fear of Doomsday as worried Americans head for the hills

Who owns the franchise on Christie Brinkley's million-dollar bod? She does

After 20 years on the concert circuit, Van Cliburn is soft-pedaling it on sabbatical

Jorge Díaz Serrano, Mexico's petroleum prodigy, comes to bargain in Washington

In Style 47
To Barbara Sinatra, Joanna Carson and Diahann Carroll, pricey designer Arnold Scaasi is tops

Teacher 52
Arizona's Willie Williams insists his for-credit course in Frisbee is no throwaway

For a Song 54
Sweet-singing Sylvia, country's latest one-name woman, has a new hit, The Matador, and bullish career prospects

Bio 60
The State Department's Hodding Carter III used to answer the press's questions—now he questions its answers on his new TV show

In the Money 69
Where can you buy carrots and karats? Try Don Byerly's swank supermarket

Out of the Pages 75
Pilot Ernest K. Gann flies high with TV's Masada and his best-selling The Aviator

In Trouble 81
Leading jockey Jack Kaenel is found to be only 15—and grounded

On the Move 82
The Postman left Jessica Lange a recharged career—which she's juggling with her new role as mother of Baryshnikov's baby

Host 88
Pierre Cardin throws a 3rd-birthday bash at Maxim's for France's Brunner quints

In His Own Words 90
In Ireland and elsewhere, the hunger strike has been a political weapon for centuries, reports scholar Gene Sharp

Body 107
What do Cher's chest, Mark Hamill's nose and Phyllis Diller have in common? Plastic surgery

Coping 113
The Osmonds' eldest brother, Virl, details his lifelong battle with deafness

Lookout 118

Belly dancer Kimsu Mandly

Network for Learning founder Jeffrey Hollender

Happy 129
Actor Tommy Lee Jones gets hitched to a lawyer's daughter, Kimberlea Cloughley

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Gene Kelly and Ben Vereen join Glen and Tanya for a night at Opryland

Philip Roth returns with a witty, wily novel, Zuckerman Unbound

Chuck Mangione's benefit concert for Italian earthquake victims becomes a scintillating jazz album, Tarantella

TV goody-goody Melissa Sue Anderson stars in a sleazy horror flick, Happy Birthday to Me

Star Tracks 123

Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates fly at Cannes

Evangelist Rex Humbard shepherds Wendy Williams

That's not Joan Crawford: It's Faye Dunaway

Jean-Paul Belmondo gets a visit from his U.S. daughter, Florence

Johnny Bench has a tough break

Joanne Woodward and Jane Curtin duel

People Puzzle 126

Chatter 132

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