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updated 07/06/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/06/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 82
Christopher Reeve soars again (and scores with Margot Kidder) in Superman II, but at home the Man of Steel melts with girlfriend Gae Exton and their son, Matthew, 18 months

Up Front 24

Mississippi pastor Donald Wildmon launches his righteous offensive on prime-time smut

While her husband, Lech, leads Poland's workers, Danuta Walesa insists solidarity begins at home

Bette Davis sees eye to eye with her pop-singing idolater, Kim Carnes

Medical school reject Charles Modica's Caribbean campus offers other beached students a chance to earn a tan and an M.D.

In the Money 37
Texas businessman David Hannah aims for the sky—with his own spacecraft

In Her Own Words 41
What do women fear? Independence, says Colette Dowling in her controversial book The Cinderella Complex

Couples 46
Naturalists Joan and Alan Root document Africa's incredible variety of life—which sometimes means risking their own

Discovery 53
Blue-penciled 81 years ago, the skin and sin are back in Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie thanks to librarian Neda Westlake and friends

Bio 63
Developer James Rouse has an Rx for ailing cities: bright, festive shopping malls

Inventors 72
James Butterfield adds a new dimension to television: 3-D

Adventure 76
After an uphill struggle, legless mountaineer Norman Croucher is on top of the world

Crime 79
Police book a murder suspect in Atlanta at last—"child genius" Wayne Williams

In Style 80
Queen Sofia, Liz Taylor and Nancy Kissinger all make a splash in swimsuits by Israel's Leah Gottlieb

Teacher 89
What do Barbra Streisand and the Grateful Dead have in common? The vocal coaching of blunt Judy Davis

On the Move 93
From ragweed to riches: Joe Gibbs makes his fortune collecting things that make you wheeze

Happy 99
Poet Bruce Sievers celebrates patriotism

Mail 2

People Picks & Pans 8

Ed Asner narrates a pair of documentaries, and Shirley Jones and Susan Blakely headline TV movies

Harold Robbins' latest novel, Goodbye, Janette, is vile, obscene, pandering trash—and yes, it's another best-seller

Dottie West's daughter and the brother of the late Lefty Frizzell debut as a duo

There's a new movie hero afoot—Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the exhilarating adventure yarn Raiders of the Lost Ark

Star Tracks 59

Barbi Benton and Zsa Zsa Gabor stage a tête-à-tête, sort of

Alex Haley roots for happy couple Danielle Steel and John Traina

Desi Arnaz's Ricky Ricardo surfaces with some old news

Pianist William F. Buckley Jr. is a keynoter

Liz Taylor Warner and daughter Maria Burton decorate Manhattan

People Puzzle 96

Chatter 100

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