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updated 07/13/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/13/1981 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 96
The Rev. Donald Wildmon may fume over the tawdry sex on TV's Flamingo Road, but its sultry star Morgan Fairchild suspects he just "has no sense of humor"

Up Front 26

New Jersey lawman G. Michael Brown is gambling that he can keep the Mob out of Atlantic City's casinos

NBC's peacock screams for Tom Brokaw and Grant Tinker, canceling Fred Silverman

Independent again, Harley-Davidson executives strap on their helmets and celebrate the open road

The lid's off on Lady Di's latest royal apprenticeship: donning bonnets

Inventors 39
Bill Schultz finds hoppiness—and lower fuel bills—using rabbits to heat his greenhouse

On Stage 40
Cliff Robertson and wife Dina Merrill take their billings from Hollywood to the Hamptons

In His Own Words 44
Behind every lawmaker, says author Charles Peters, stands a successful lobbyist

Couples 51
Drs. John and Yvonne Driscoll devote their medical marriage to saving preemies

To the Top 57
Born on Halloween, John Candy is built like a pumpkin, but he earns his comic Stripes in Bill Murray's new flick

In the Money 61
From the Miracle Brush to "the weeder with a wiggle," Ron Popeil is in there pitching

Arts 68
To photo collector Wes Marans a pose by any name is sweet, as long as it's signed

Bio 78
A sentimental Doc Severinsen toots his horn back home in Arlington, Oreg. (pop. 600)

Out of the Pages 89
With not a little help from her husband, Janet Dailey has become America's itinerant queen of the passion pulps

Sequel 93
World Bank President Robert McNamara retires at 65—starting over as a widower

On the Move 103
Holly Near sings of love, lesbian and otherwise

Lookout 106

Movie villain Warrington Gillette

Jeweler Valerie Robertson

Coping 111
Golfer Bert Yancey is back on the course after winning a round with mental illness

Happy 117
For Judy and John Hilt, grocery shopping is a calculated once-a-year binge

In Style 118
Jackie Onassis lands in lavish style on Martha's Vineyard, and the island's abuzz

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 9

Two Richard Lester classics relieve TV rerun dog days

Lillian Ross' book Reporting includes her profile of Ernest Hemingway and other classics of the trade

Joe Walsh of the Eagles leaves the nest for a satisfying solo flight

Richard Pryor makes the most of a mediocre comedy idea in Bustin' Loose, while Mel Brooks trashes a good one in History of the World—Part I

Some wacky rites are celebrated for tourists in Summerland, U.S.A.

Star Tracks 74

Margaux Hemingway's tepee

Richie Hebner's graves

Mrs. Robin Williams' leg

Dan Aykroyd's neighbor

Richard J. Daley's brood

Jerry Lewis' shtick

People Puzzle 114

Chatter 120

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