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updated 11/02/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/02/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 93
Fat-boy-turned-fitness-phenom Richard Simmons shapes up the masses with a best-selling book and a TV show that sometimes rivals Donahue

Up Front 40

Bela and Marta Karolyi, the coaches who made gymnast Nadia Comaneci a perfect "10," vault the Iron Curtain

Paul Newman and scores of other big wheels have a supercharged weekend at the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Ronald Reagan's only black Cabinet member, HUD's Sam Pierce, is Washington's "invisible man"

Dick Clark celebrates American Bandstand's 30th birthday with a prime-time gala whose guests include Kenny Rogers, Chubby Checker and Connie Francis

In His Own Words 57
Tom Wolfe says modern architecture is baffling because architects want it that way

Winners 67
Chipwich's Richard LaMotta hopes to churn his favorite $1 ice-cream sandwich into a $30 million fortune by next year

Coping 68
Onetime grid stars Kent Waldrep and Darryl Stingley tell why broken backs can't keep them sidelined

Arts 79
Charles Bragg's lampoons turn a onetime stand-up comic into a best-selling artist

Lookout 89
Panda keeper Barbara Bingham

To the Top 103
Thanks to A Town Like Alice, bashful bachelor Bryan Brown is Australia's hottest heartthrob

Bio 107
Long-buried dispatches from two 19th-century PEOPLE reporters yield a recovered portrait of Charles (Nicholas Nickleby) Dickens

Body 120
A bracelet that monitors your pulse? Mary Ann Scherr's jewelry designs might save lives

Couples 122
For Peter and Elga Gimbel, the Andrea Doria's real treasure is the chance it gives them to float a filmmaking career

Out of the Pages 129
For better or, perchance, for worse, Charles Osgood turns the news to verse

In Style 135
Jill Clayburgh, Faye Dunaway and Candy Bergen dye for hair colorist Robert Renn

Screen 147
With a grown-up movie, Kristy McNichol, 19, comes of age professionally—and at home

Mail 5

People Picks and Pans 6

Farrah Fawcett adds glitter to the premiere of ex-husband Lee Majors' new ABC series

Celeb biographer Kitty Kelley's definitely unauthorized Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star is gross, gamy and morbidly fascinating

Billy Joel dusts off his Songs in the Attic for a rousing live-concert LP

Burt Reynolds wants to be a dad in Paternity; Sissy Spacek is a devoted mom in Raggedy Man; and Marsha Mason can't decide if she'll mother Kristy McNichol in Only When I Laugh

Mickey Mouse and Linda Fratianne are a hot item on ice

Star Tracks 63

Robin Williams—Mork, rather—hatches more than a plot

Bob Dylan digs the Stones

Cheryl Ladd, John Ritter and their spouses have a divine night out

Grace Jones baffles London

Kurt Vonnegut's daughter Edith and Joseph Heller make an art-loving pair

James Caan accepts Elliott Gould's invitation to Come Blow Your Horn

People Puzzle 142

Chatter 150

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