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updated 12/14/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/14/1981 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 137
Despite "little T and no A," Three's Company newcomer Priscilla Barnes finds happiness with a millionaire beau, 300 pairs of shoes—and Suzanne Somers' old job

Up Front 42

A casualty of drugs and alcohol, Paul Getty III becomes the focus of a family feud

Victoria Principal rediscovers her Japanese "roots" as Dallas fails to wow 'em in Tokyo

Loni Anderson, Dinah Shore and Dolly Parton turn into kissing cousins at a fete for Burt Reynolds

Barbara Karr blames state government bungling for the deaths in her family on Mount St. Helens

Split 57
After a brief, shining moment, Camelot's Richard Harris and Anne Turkel call it quits

Bio 61
With David Stockman just back from the woodshed, Treasury Secretary Donald Regan decides what's Reaganomical

In His Own Words 69
As layoffs soar, arbitrator Robert Coulson offers ways to say—or hear—"You're fired"

Body 75
Perfume expert Richard Loniewski has a knack for making scents

Coping 83
Former presidential candidate Mo Udall hangs tough against Parkinson's disease

To the Top 97
Why has Charly McLain been Sleepin' With the Radio On? To hear her country hit

Lookout 102

Pages 105
Incest and a medical nightmare made Stephani Cook's Second Life hard-earned

Inventors 111
Scientist Murray Moo-Young's junk food is the real thing—it's made from trash

Couples 117
The top Nutcracker sweethearts this year are dancers Kyra Nichols and Daniel Duell

In the Money 131
Princess Grace and Bear Bryant are bananas over Bill McNutt's fruitcakes

Heirs 147
Mercedes Ellington is one of the dancing Sophisticated Ladies in Broadway's tribute to her grandfather the Duke

Sequel 151
Former football back Ed Marinaro cops a new career on Hill Street Blues

Gallery 159
Vladimir Sichov smuggled thousands of Russians across the border—on film

Arts 169
Soprano Irene Gubrud, partially paralyzed since childhood, gets her chance in opera

Tribute 170
Best-selling author Thomas Thompson remembers his friend, actress Natalie Wood

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 12

Johnny Cash spends Christmas in Scotland for CBS, and the Chipmunks return on NBC

A new biography illuminates the chanteuse extraordinaire, Edith Piaf

Diana Ross begins her RCA relationship with Why Do Fools Fall in Love

James Cagney's return to the screen is only one of the marvels of Ragtime

A new crop of books celebrates photography as an art form

Star Tracks 127

Richard Allen can still muster a smile

John Belushi plays samurai shopper

Bianca and Jade Jagger hit the streets

Niki Lauda is back in the fast lane

Julia Child samples sister Dorothy's chow

People Puzzle 134

Chatter 176

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