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updated 01/11/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/11/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 26
Long gone from his TV role as The Waltons' eldest son, Richard Thomas now plays real-life papa (and quick-change artist) to his own triplet baby daughters

Up Front 32

A portrait of soldiers on a Warsaw street highlights the agony of Poland

An Ohio family's nine-year search for their AWOL son turns up a grim case of manslaughter

Body 40
Shrinking waistlines mean expanding profits for Diet Center founder Sybil Ferguson

Stage 44
A new show salutes the satire of Tom Lehrer, still feisty but markedly mellower at 53

Bio 56
Comic George Carlin survives some very unfunny hassles with alcohol and drugs

Couples 64
Dorothy Hamill and Dean Paul Martin star in a two-career marriage made in Hollywood

In His Own Words 71
Is Reaganaut Clarence Pendleton wrong for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights?

Teacher 76
Phil Brody challenges the bromide that retarded kids can't be taught to read

In the Money 80
Superagent Jerry Weintraub manages Dylan, Denver and his own healthy income

Jocks 84
Women's basketball has taken a dunking, but that won't keep Nancy Lieberman down

Inventors 87
Ed Ghandour tops the toy biz with a foolproof yo-yo

Style 88
The world may see through her art, but that's just fine with crystal heiress Marie-Claude Lalique

Screen 90
At 59, Ava Gardner comes back in Priest of Loveā€”but she still prefers her quiet expatriate life in London

To the Top 97
With a TV theme securely posted on the pop charts, composer Mike Post can't sing the Hill Street Blues

Out of the Past 107
Author John Powell unearths Japanese atrocities in World War II that may have claimed American victims

On the Move 111
When it comes to trained toros, Madison Avenue is bullish on Joan Edwards and Stevie Myers

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 8

Carol Burnett makes a visit to All My Children and Robert Conrad stonewalls in Will: G. Gordon Liddy

Charles Lockwood's Dream Palaces traces the homing patterns of Hollywood wealth

The Lemmon-Matthau Buddy Buddy system won't save you at the flicks; but don't rely on Neighbors like Belushi and Aykroyd either

Living Eyes is proof the Bee Gees have outlived disco and can still sing gorgeously textured pop music

Star Tracks 48

Carroll O'Connor flies high with his own airline

Timothy Hutton taps Judd Hirsch

William Conrad booms in The Mikado

Jennifer Holliday is Lauren Bacall's Dreamgirl

Susan Saint James relishes her real-life role in (Dick) Ebersol & Wife

Arthur C. Clarke previews a 2001 sequel

People Puzzle 103

Chatter 114

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