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updated 01/25/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/25/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 39
While her rocker boyfriend Les Dudek stays home in L.A., Cher migrates with her kids to New York and takes a flyer on Broadway alongside Karen Black and Sandy Dennis

Up Front 22

A Polish-American journalist returns from Warsaw with a chilling report on the friends she left behind

The newest Rev. Graham to join the ministry is Billy's son William Franklin III

The mysterious disappearance of Philippine golfer Tommy Manotoc interrupts his brief marriage to the beautiful daughter of President Ferdinand Marcos and his disapproving First Lady, Imelda

On the Move 35
AT&T is cutting loose from its 22 regional companies, but consumerist Lee Richardson insists you shouldn't have to pay the price in your phone bill

48 In an excerpt from John Ehrlichman's revealing memoirs, Witness to Power, the author writes intimately of the Nixon family

Song 66
Most rock stars try to build an image; Steve Miller gets along fine without one

In His Own Words 73
The Amazing Kreskin claims hypnosis should be thrown out of court. Psychiatrist Charles B. Mutter objects

Sequel 78
George and Barbara Bush find that being Number Two isn't half bad

Couples 82
After months of Soviet harassment, Liza Semyonov honeymoons in Montana with Alexei, her husband-by-proxy and Andrei Sakharov's stepson

To the Top 87
Eddie Murphy, at 20, emerges as the star of Saturday Night Live, and that's no jive

Lookout 96

Designer-puppeteer Wendy Midener

Student author Lawrence Graham

Jocks 99
Ex-Oakland Raiders coach John Madden will be calling the plays from the broadcasting booth at Sunday's Super Bowl

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 6

Mickey Rooney tries a new NBC sitcom as One of the Boys, and San Francisco meets Cincinnati in Super Bowl XVI on CBS

Columnist Joseph Alsop recalls Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his era in FDR: A Centenary Remembrance

Ringo Starr doesn't exactly sing but performs amiably on Stop and Smell the Roses

Burt Reynolds goes a little heavy on the wisecrackery but directs and stars in a first-rate cops-and-crooks film, Sharky's Machine

Star Tracks 80

Monaco's Princess Stephanie graces Gstaad

Roman Polanski wears two hats (and one wig) in his Paris production of Amadeus

Liz 'n' Dick's daughter Maria Burton turns 21

Joe Garagiola's super dome gets topped

Christopher Walken squires Susan Sarandon

People Puzzle 95

Chatter 102

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