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updated 01/25/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/25/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

She's got a secret
Pssst! Perhaps Princess Grace of Monaco was giving her notoriously camera-shy youngest daughter some tips on out-schussing the paparazzi. In any event, Princess Stephanie (who turns 17 next month) was all smiles when she, Mama and Papa Grimaldi and pet cocker spaniel Fred were cornered for an impromptu photo session outside the family ski chalet near Gstaad. (Caroline was home in Monaco, Albert in mid-ocean training with the French Navy.) Stephanie's rosy cheeks were not the result of a rumored romance with handsome Italian aristocrat, Urbano Riario Sforza, 20, but simply the result of basking in the alpenglow.

A Roman holiday
"I do not think about the risks involved in a project," says director Roman (Tess) Polanski, 48. Good thing, too, since the ever-controversial Polanski is bravely casting himself as Mozart in his European staging of Peter Shaffer's play A made us. Polanski will open in Paris this month, after packing houses for 40 consecutive performances last summer in Warsaw. Roman presumably identifies with prodigies: He began as a child actor before making his first feature at 28. Yet there's no danger he'll stay in front of the camera. "Directing is more exciting," he explains. "When you act, you concentrate on acting, but when you direct, you think about so many different things."

Maria cuts up
Although she claims to be "terribly nervous in front of an audience," model Maria Burton celebrated her 21st birthday with a mob of 400 revelers at Manhattan's Studio 54, where ex-owner Steve Rubell looked on approvingly. The adopted daughter of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Maria received a check from Dad, and Mom weighed in with a gold bracelet and a telephone call, not to mention a mammoth silver key. Symbolic of the European custom of giving 21-year-olds their own key to the house, it was covered with white orchids and lowered from the ceiling.

Joe's eye-opener
No, it wasn't a new rug that glabrous NBC sportscaster Joe Garagiola was sporting at the recent Tucson Open Pro-Am golf tournament, of which he is the host. The scratchy fur piece—"worse than dandruff," reports Joe—was a 13-year-old ringtail cat named La Vaga, deposited on Joe's pate by a prankish employee from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. "The cat was gentle, but geez, those claws were sharp," winced Garagiola, 55. "I thought he was going to put a paw in my eye and dial a number."

Walken emerges
Christopher Walken, who was with Natalie Wood the night she died, has rarely been seen in public since. Then earlier this month he dined with actress Susan (Atlantic City) Sarandon at a party in Manhattan's trendy Commissary restaurant. In Pennies From Heaven Walken does a sexy striptease to the tune of Let's Misbehave, which is precisely what folks say the married actor isn't doing with Sarandon. They got chummy last summer filming Who Am I This Time?, a love story based on a Kurt Vonnegut tale airing Feb. 2 on PBS.

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