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updated 02/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 44
In her memoirs, Patricia Hearst explains her transition from schoolgirl to rifle-toting member of the SLA. Then, in an interview with PEOPLE, she discusses her tranquil life today

Up Front 20

Stewardess Kelly Duncan describes her miraculous survival of the Washington air disaster, and Dr. Martin Nemiroff says people who seemingly drown in cold water can be saved—up to 40 minutes later

A plethora of parties—from Francis Coppola's to Halston's—warm chilly spirits from coast to coast

Convicted in the Abscam bribery probe, Sen. Harrison Williams fights desperately to keep his job

Discovery 33
Sports psychologist Barbara Kolonay helps athletes beat the jitters

Sequel 38
Peter Sellers' children say their father left them high and dry—and wife Lynne Frederick well fixed

Trouble 43
The evolution of morning news makes Captain Kangaroo an endangered species

On the Move 72
Farmers' Almanac editor Ray Geiger weathers an unpredictable—and unpredicted—winter

Style 78
From Pope Paul VI to Jackie O, Madame Potok of Maximilian has fur-nished them all

Tube 84
SCTV's Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas strike comedy gold in the Great White North

Teacher 89
Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey's sisters, Lois and Selma, dissect doctors' medicalese

Couples 95
After two decades of toothpaste, Donny Osmond—abetted by wife Debbie—tries to change his image on Broadway

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

Angie Dickinson returns with a new NBC series, while Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken star on PBS

Saul Bellow turns out another complex novel, The Dean's December

AC/DC weighs in with another heavier-than-heavy-metal LP, For Those About to Rock We Salute You

Kate Mulgrew and Rip Torn star in a gruesome movie version of Mary Higgins Clark's thriller A Stranger Is Watching

People Puzzle 76

Star Tracks 80

Tip O'Neill's on a par with Jerry Ford

The thigh's the limit for Tanya Tucker

First Daughter Patti Davis and Hollywood heavies weigh in against nuclear weapons

Kenny Rogers gets cozy with country crooners Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee

British dancer Robert Helpmann is on hand for Diana Rigg's Broadway musical debut

Chatter 98

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