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updated 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 68
With Taps, Timothy Hutton becomes the stuff teen dreams are made of, but at 21 he likes girls (particularly Ragtime's Elizabeth McGovern) more than marriage

Up Front 28

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak talks of his hope for peace and his plans for Egypt in an exclusive interview

What comes between Brooke Shields and the ground? Shoes that auction for $300

The campaign trail is bumpy for Maureen Reagan—and five other candidates with famous names like Baker and Humphrey

Couples 42
The Guardian Angels have gone national, and Curtis and Lisa Sliwa are the top honchos of the vigilantes

Bio 51
There's a Ford in Ford's future, and his name, if you can believe it, is Edsel

Medics 58
Dr. John West didn't climb Mount Everest just because it's there; he had medical research in mind

Crime 76
Will convicted killer Jack Abbott, Norman Mailer's protégé, get rich from his memoirs? Not if F. Lee Bailey can help it

Body 80
Many women are demanding a more personal approach to childbearing, and nurse-midwife Barbara Brennan delivers it

Song 84
Now Barry Manilow is traveling the world, proclaiming if he should love again, he'd like to be a proud daddy

Arts 87
What after the glass box? Architect Michael Graves' Portland building, with its classical motifs, gives a clue

Stage 90
After a nightmarish beginning, Dreamgirls star Jennifer Holliday steals Michael (A Chorus Line) Bennett's new show

In His Own Words 92
Madison Avenue mogul John O'Toole has both harsh and encouraging words for his gray flannel brethren

Sequel 97
Director Peter Bogdanovich pays tribute to murdered love Dorothy Stratten in They All Laughed

Pages 105
In a colorful book and TV series, David Attenborough tells the facts of Life on Earth

Lookout 108

Coin collector Mark Chrans

Ballerina Theara Ward

Coping 111
Learning to live with cerebral palsy, comic Geri Jewell chose humor instead of self-pity

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

That showbiz institution, Bette Davis, is institutionalized on CBS while Olivia Newton-John brings her Physical look to ABC

Director Roman Polanski's life is examined in every creepy detail in a new biography

Beach Boy Mike Love tries the surf solo on Looking Back With Love

Francis Coppola's much-discussed film One From the Heart is a few beats off

Kiddies dulled by TV? Let them try radio

Star Tracks 64

Bandleader Peter Duchin shows his bubbly personality

Gary Busey's pumped up for a new role

Imelda Marcos cuts a swath with gay blade George Hamilton

A Roots reunion gets hairy for Ed Asner

Nancy Allen drifts around France

Reggie Jackson snakes a Florida beauty queen

People Puzzle 102

Chatter 114

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