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Brooke and Calvin
It was delightful to read about Calvin Klein's good fortune (PEOPLE, Jan. 18). When I put on my Calvins I feel like a million dollars.
Joey Ruiz
Big Pine Key, Fla.

What a cute bio that was on a shy 39-year-old millionaire named Calvin Klein. I'm happy that he does what he wants and builds America's largest fashion empire at the same time, but I wish he would spare us the labels and create something original.
Dro E. Proudian
Fort Lauderdale

On the cover you said that Brooke Shields' "bottoms-up commercials have made Klein the best-known name in U.S. fashion." Wrong. It is Mr. Klein's gifted designing that has made him famous, not his pretty model.
Debbie Sanders
Closter, N.J.

Albert Goldman
In reference to Albert Goldman and his book Elvis: First, he is an idiot if he says that Elvis wasn't a great singer. Second, he says that all but one of the Memphis Mafia talked. That's bull. I didn't talk; Joe Esposito didn't talk; Jerry Schilling didn't talk; Charlie Hodge didn't talk. We were all members. Third, Lamar Fike was Goldman's main source of information. Among Elvis' close friends, Lamar is regarded as one with a great imagination. Fourth, the book is made up of half-truths, stories blown out of proportion to make them sell. I feel qualified to make these statements because I knew Elvis for 27 years. I attended his wedding, he was my best man when I married, and I was a pallbearer at his funeral.
George Klein

Albert Goldman replies: "George Klein misrepresents the facts. He was interviewed by my collaborator Lamar Fike, as was Charlie Hodge. I interviewed Jerry Schilling on Aug. 16, 1978 at Las Vegas in the presence of his wife. Only Joe Esposito refused to be interviewed."

Albert Goldman has gotten a lot of mileage out of pretending that all of us who object to his shoddy Elvis bio are legend-worshiping groupies. He knows very well that it is precisely those who most appreciate Elvis' early work that lament his deterioration into a paranoid junkie who prostituted and parodied his own talent.
Allen Barra
New York City

Unlike Goldman, I was acquainted with Elvis for five years, and while the dark side was there (as it is in all of us), Elvis was also a warm, considerate, intelligent, humorous and talented man. Despite the decline in his last years, those qualities are what made Elvis a hero in the first place, and they should not be belittled or ignored.
Janice Peters
Los Angeles

Goldman says Priscilla Presley never discussed her relationship with Elvis, but he writes that Elvis and Prisciila never slept together after Lisa Marie was born. Was Goldman hiding in their bedroom?
Skip Reed
Groveport, Ohio

The bottom line on Elvis is that he brought joy to millions. Who cares what some cheap-shot artist writes?
James William Green
New York City

Doesn't Goldman realize that garbage like this not only destroys the reputations of defenseless, conveniently dead people but that it also makes life a living hell for their children? I, for one, have a hard enough time trying to live and to make a living without people comparing me to my famous parents, Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield. My heart cries for Lisa Marie and the Presley family.
Zoltan Hargitay

Life Begins at 40
I enjoyed reading about all the beautiful, young-looking people who are looking forward to their 40th birthdays this year. Here's one more: Pierrette Wolfe (May 13). Accomplishments include a husband of 20 years, eight children, 20 extra pounds, distressing number of gray hairs. Before my 40th I hope to: keep my husband and eight kids; lose 20 pounds; camouflage gray hairs; hang in there.
Pierrette Wolfe
Clinton, Iowa

Anthony Stout
I was astounded to learn that the White House has 75 subscriptions to Anthony Stout's National Journal. Seventy-five subscriptions will cost taxpayers $34,125 this year. I think for this kind of money people could share their copies.
Bob Johnsonbaugh
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fred Coe
As a friend of the Coe family for many years, I feel great compassion for them and think the police and the media have treated them badly. It's time to let these people suffer in privacy.
Virginia Sharpe

As a member of the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women, I commend PEOPLE for providing an article that aids in breaking down some of the myths surrounding sexual assault. It is necessary for the public to know that "even" prominent businessmen rape and that, in fact, rapists come from all economic strata.
Nina Rosenfeld
Los Angeles

Elizabeth Jordan Carr
What is it with the Moral Majority? Why do they think it is their business to meddle in something that is the private right of every couple: to determine whether they will be parents and how and when they do become parents? Jerry Falwell et al. are to planned parenthood what the unwelcome Soviet ideological intervention is to Poland: a giant threat to personal freedom.
Mary Jane Bowman
Edwards AFB, Calif.

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