Who Lusts After Celebrity Shoes? These Are the Kinds That Buy Men's Soles (and Women's Too)

updated 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Rita Dorsheimer worships the ground he walks on. But for $85 she got something even more worthy of her affection: his shoes, a pair of size 11s once worn by Charlton Heston himself. "I'll just keep them in a closet and take them out to look at," she sighed. "I wish he were in them." Dorothy Rabatsky was set to spend $200—two weeks' secretarial pay—for the pumps off John Travolta's Saturday-night-fevered feet. She got t them for $90. They'll rest in a glass case below her wall of pictures of "my fantasy."

This was no weirdo convention of foot fetishists, but a benefit auction for the Public Library of Pawtucket, R.I., which thereby raised $2,255. The library's Community Services Coordinator, Lee Eaton, asked 300 stars to kick in with footgear, and 56 complied. Pawtucket native David Hartman came through with four pairs and Ed Asner with one. (Pawtucket Times reporter Bob Litchfield wanted them to show his colleagues he could fill Lou Grant's shoes.) The leather that came between Brooke Shields' instep and her Calvins sold for $300 to Dale Grose, a Santa Ana, Calif. store owner. But top dollar was paid by David Puszak of Parma, Ohio, who phoned in a $700 bid for Sally Struthers' beauties. "I'm probably her biggest fan," he explained. Has he ever met her? "No," replied the businessman. "Isn't this enough?"

(Readers who think they can tell which are whose are invited to match up the soles and celebs pictured here.)

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