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updated 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Last tango in Manila
Still smarting over reports she was involved in the mysterious disappearance of her son-in-law, Imelda Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines, hoped to regain face as the host of the Manila Film Festival. Though some big names snubbed what was billed as the Cannes of the Orient, Madame Chairman corralled at least one gay blade, George (Zorro) Hamilton, for a dance in the nightclub of the Manila Hotel.

Tower of bubble
The crystal pyramid was "extremely fragile," mused band leader Peter Duchin, "very much like life." So it was with caution that Duchin, 44, orchestrated a champagne cascade, filling 650 goblets at the Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vt. Then he joined 320 merrymakers in drinking their neighbors' health—which was only fitting since the dinner ended a charity day of skiing and tennis, benefiting the nearby Medical Center Hospital.

Busey & the beast
Gary Busey gave his pipes a workout playing the lead in 1978's The Buddy Holly Story, but that was nothing compared to his preparations for the part of an evangelist in the upcoming The Glory Road. Under the watchful eye of four-time Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu, Busey has sweated off more than 25 pounds. The iron pumping was ordered by Glory Road director (and onetime child evangelist) Marjoe Gortner, who knows from firsthand experience how physically fit pulpiteers should be. Puffs Busey, 37: "They must live to a ripe old age."

Asner gets re-rooted
If Ed (Lou Grant) Asner exuded the heady air of a man rediscovering his roots, it's because the balding 52-year-old actor actually had. At a Bel Air, Calif. reunion on the fifth anniversary of Roots' broadcast—attended by (from left) author Alex Haley, executive producer David Wolper, Asner, actor LeVar Burton and producer Stan Margulies—Asner received the wig he had worn as a slave ship captain. While Asner's toupee was temporary, Haley's contribution was not. "Roots has become part of the American cultural image," Haley reflected. "I'll carry it with me forever."

Nancy sleighs 'em
No, Nancy Allen wasn't shooting one of those cheery Christmas TV commercials. The 31-year-old actress was in France to promote the movie Blow Out (which opens there this month) and accompany husband Brian DePalma, 41, to the 10th annual Avoriaz Film Festival. While DePalma was busy as a judge, Allen tried cross-country skiing with another visitor, Donald Sutherland, and toured the countryside with a local in a one-horse open sleigh.

Reggie's snake charmer
Baseball's Reggie Jackson, 35, has always enjoyed his place in the sun; this time he shared it with Orange Bowl Princess Jeanne Walsh, 20, and Samurai, an 85-pound python on loan from Miami's Metrozoo. Jackson was picking up some pocket money as color commentator for ABC's Superstars in Key Biscayne, Fla. when the California Angels announced they had snaked the Yankee slugger away from New York with a four-year contract at close to $1 million per. The big bucks were, of course, an inducement, but the "overriding factor," according to the California native, was that "it's time to come home."

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