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updated 02/22/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/22/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 88
After winning a precinct-ful of Emmys, Hill Street Blues collars an audience with TV's finest cops, adult sex and stars like Daniel Travanti, Veronica Hamel and Michael Conrad

Up Front 26

James Coco's star waxes as his tubbiness wanes; he's less than two-thirds the man that he was

Greece's American-born First Lady, Margaret Papandreou, comes home to defend her husband

Sir Freddie Laker's countrymen rally gratefully—but apparently futilely—to his airline's aid

Pia Zadora wins a Golden Globe for a leaden Butterfly, and cynics suggest that husband Meshulam Riklis' millions may have added to her glitter

Jocks 39
Tennis sensation Ivan Lendl is Czech-mating McEnroe, Connors and Borg

Sequel 42
Having won her Love Canal battle, Lois Gibbs is taking on toxic dumps everywhere

Bio 47
CBS commentator and PBS series-maker, Bill Moyers is TV's newsman for all seasons

To the Top 63
On a sabbatical from Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham gets himself into Trouble

On the Move 70
Britain's Anthony Andrews leaps the Atlantic with Brideshead and Ivanhoe

Couples 77
Diplomatic commuters Jane and Carl Coon are America's Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador

Crime 84
Jet-set surgeon Hosmany Ramos may have been Brazil's master criminal as well

Pages 95
Robert Stone's third novel, A Flag for Sunrise, may win an American Book Award and greater fame for its reclusive author

In Her Own Words 99
Dorothy Lamour is still on the road, minus Bing Crosby, Bob Hope—and her sarong

Discovery 107
Psychologist Elizabeth Bard will analyze your personality from your taste in jelly beans

In the Money 117
Thanks to ex-leatherneck John Schmidt, San Francisco's gays can bank at their own savings and loan—the nation's first

Lookout 120

Spirit 123
With Solidarity stilled, Poland's Archbishop Jozef Glemp decries oppression

Arts 124
America's top ballerina, Cynthia Gregory, kicks up her heels onstage and off

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

Marsha Mason digs in for a fight on CBS

The Annotated Huck Finn provides insights into the Mark Twain classic

Everyone from Bing Crosby to Randy Newman is now on movie sound track LPs

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud focuses on prehistoric man in Quest for Fire

The Smithsonian's show of America's all-time sports champions is a mini-Hall of Fame

Star Tracks 59

Christie Brinkley dazzles Lester Persky and Truman Capote

Anthony Quinn roars through Central Park

May Day! May Day! Cindy Williams and Bill Hudson set the date

Debra Winger has a thing for John Steinbeck

James Earl Jones eyes a new role—husband

Worst-dressed or no, Barbara Mandrell is still a good sport

People Puzzle 112

Chatter 126

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