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updated 02/22/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/22/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Christie's cronies
Christie Brinkley has graced more than 150 magazine covers, but her real ambition is to be in movies. Earlier this month she dined with producer Lester (Hair) Persky and author Truman Capote at the trendy L.A. eatery Rose Tattoo. Truman was in town to hammer out revisions on the script of his 1979 short story Handcarved Coffins—a project Persky has been trying to bring to the screen for the past two years. The producer may be eyeing the 27-year-old model for a role—or perhaps he simply enjoys an eyeful.

Lion of the park
His last two movies, The Inheritance and Lion of the Desert, weren't box office front-runners by any stretch, but Anthony Quinn, 66, is still on his toes. The Rome-based actor, in Manhattan for Radio City Music Hall's Night of 100 Stars, has two pictures and a novel about Italian immigrants in the works. But he had time for a jog in Central Park. Ever a step ahead of the crowd, Quinn boasts, "I've been running there since 1941, before it was fashionable—when it was just the horses and me."

Bill and Cindy
Only two months ago reports surfaced that singer-comedian Bill Hudson was pining for Goldie Hawn after more than a year of divorce proceedings. "I still love her," Hudson was quoted as saying. "Life isn't the same without her." So what's this about a romance with Laverne and Shirley star Cindy Williams? Apparently it's for real. The 34-year-old actress and Hudson, 32, met last year but on discovering he had a honey, Cindy lost interest. But Bill did not. He squired her to Hollywood's Sagebrush Cantina for the wrap party of his movie Hysterical, and now a happy ending is predicted. Williams is shopping for a dress and an L.A. church for a May 1 wedding.

Jones takes Hart
They worked together on the set of a short-lived TV series called Paris in 1979. James Earl Jones played a police detective and superior officer to Cecilia Hart. Now they're becoming partners—marriage partners, that is. The announcement came at Sardi's after the Broadway opening of Othello, in which Jones stars in the title role. Originally planned for Valentine's Day, the wedding has been switched to March 15. But great Caesar's ghost! Shouldn't they beware the Ides of March? No problem. Same author, different play.

Debra's cold fish
"Most of the men I've been asked to embrace for the camera have been more responsive," deadpanned Debra Winger, 26, of her quick cuddle with John Steinbeck outside the Salinas, Calif. Public Library. But considering the competition—she was John Travolta's wife in Urban Cowboy, is Nick Nolte's sweetheart in the newly released Cannery Row and will be Richard Gere's lover in the just-wrapped film An Officer and a Gentleman—Debra's opinion of the author of Cannery Row isn't so startling. While Winger's performance has drawn praise, critics have responded as coolly as Steinbeck's statue to the film.

Battlin' Barbara
"I never expected to get beat up by anyone on the 'worst-dressed list,' " laughs Richard Blackwell, "especially Barbara Mandrell—she's so little." Actually, the crutch, cast and bandages were nothing but a gag for a segment airing this week on the 5'2" singer's variety show. Though Blackwell likened her wardrobe to "Yukon Sally playing the Alamo," the good-natured Mandrell will make history—of a kind—by becoming the first winner to actually accept the worst-dressed award since the fashion designer began naming names 22 years ago. "I think you're super," Barbara penned on Blackwell's cast. "Signed, your number one girl."

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