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updated 03/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 76
Jettisoned by Three's Company, Suzanne Somers launches a TV comeback aboard an aircraft carrier—and insists husband Alan Hamel has the right stuff. But is she welcome?

Up Front 26

From Liz Taylor to Princess Grace, the royalty of showbiz turned out for showman Alexander Cohen's Night of 100 Stars

Truth or propaganda? The government says accuracy is Missing in the new Jack Lemmon-Sissy Spacek film

A valiant lifeboat crew in Mousehole, England lost their lives, but stirred a nation

Song 41
Slicing, dicing and splicing the old masters, Louis Clark has a hit with Hooked on Classics

In His Own Words 45
Sen. Ted Kennedy pauses to reflect on the joys and travails of his 50 years

Heroes 56
Escaping the Khmer Rouge, choreographer Peou Khatna keeps Cambodian ballet alive

Crime 60
Never tiring of tires, Firestone's Pete McDonald helps catch killers by tracing their treads

Stage 64
Oscar nominee Harold Pinter and wife Lady Antonia Fraser take their bows in Providence, R.I.

Bio 70
Training his lens on the powerful, portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh hones in on their qualities of ego and greatness

In the Money 74
Designer Liz Claiborne builds a $100 million empire on clothes for working women

Style 83
He did the homes of Joan Crawford, Jack Benny and the Annenbergs, but interior decorator Ted Graber's biggest assignment was the Reagan White House

Inventors 88
Richard Smart's railcycle gives new life to an old way of traveling

Lookout 94
Soap star-turned-doctor Sindee Rubin

Screen 97
Nastassia Kinski's oddball father, Klaus, terrifies U.S. audiences in films like Venom

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 14

Country stars whoop it up on NBC for Roy Acuff while Ethel Merman, Carol Channing and Ann Miller visit Gavin MacLeod's boat on ABC

Novelist Jerzy Kosinski's Pinball is off the mark

Country singers David Frizzell and Shelly West offer a slick follow-up to their smash debut album

As a would-be Olympic athlete, Mariel Hemingway confronts stiff competition—and a lesbian relationship—in Personal Best

Star Tracks 50

Henry Winkler helps make happier days for abused children

Anthony Geary finds an alternate to Liz

Jean Stapleton and Tip O'Neill are allies for the arts

Terry Bradshaw's cruising again

Ed Asner and Charlton Heston agree to disagree

New York Mayor Ed Koch scouts a possible run for Governor

People Puzzle 90

Chatter 100

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