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updated 03/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/01/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Fonz and friend
His image as the Fonz may be a semi-tough one, but Henry Winkler, 36, is really a softy at heart. The Good Samaritan's most recent cause is a shelter for abused children in El Monte, Calif. called MacLaren Hall. At ribbon-cutting festivities for the center's new outlet supplying records, toys and clothing for the kids, Henry showed up with Happy Days cohorts Marion Ross, Erin Moran and Scott Baio, Hill Street Blues' Daniel Travanti, Benson's Robert Guillaume and the entire cast of Fame. He also ate hot dogs, played softball and strolled the grounds with a newfound friend.

Luke's new love?
If General Hospital heartthrob Luke Spencer, a/k/a actor Anthony Geary, 34, looks bedraggled, it's because he's distraught about the mysterious disappearance of Laura, his wife of a mere three months. (Genie Francis, 19, who played the part, has quit the show.) But help is on the way in the shape of Demi Moore, 19. She's cast as Jackie Templeton, a reporter seeking her missing sister, also named Laura. If Tony and Demi's professional chemistry is any indication, then both Lauras may be lost for good. Oh, Jackie.

Tip is tickled
"Edith, Edith, I didn't recognize you!" bellowed House Speaker Tip O'Neill. "I love ya, you're beautiful," he said, giving his All in the Family idol Jean Stapleton a squeeze. Jean later called Tip "a great big huggable bear." Stapleton, 59, and O'Neill, 69, met at a D.C. Congressional Arts Caucus affair, but they weren't laughing at President Reagan's proposed 30 percent cut in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts. "In my mind," said Stapleton, "the arts budget is part of the defense budget."

Terry's road test
Terry Bradshaw's career in prime-time television ran out of gas when NBC shelved the series scheduled to follow his 1981 pilot about stock car racing, The Stockers. But the four-time Super Bowl quarterback and sometime country singer was back on the air—and the road—last month at the Daytona 500. Bradshaw took a minilesson from professional racer Darrell Waltrip and then took the wheel himself for a prerace segment on CBS Sports Saturday. The pupil, as it turned out, fared better than his teacher, who dropped out of the big event when his car's engine failed.

Asner vs. Heston
As past and current presidents of the Screen Actors Guild, Charlton Heston, 58, and Ed Asner, 52, have been engaging in a war of words. Asner has accused Heston of lying, while Heston feels Asner is ignoring the needs of SAG's members by proposing a merger with the Screen Extras Guild. Heston is opposed and led dissident members as they picketed a recent meeting of their own union. But when the adversaries ran into each other outside SAG's Hollywood headquarters, there seemed to be no hard feelings. Or was it just great acting?

Ed's prepared
New York Mayor Ed Koch was never a Boy Scout ("I'm not able to tie knots, other than my shoelaces"), but he's certainly familiar with their motto. So when Hugh Carey stepped out of the race for Governor and a Draft Koch movement gained strength in January, Hizzoner said he would like a month to mull over the prospect of moving to Albany. Well, time's up, and Ed is expected to make an announcement this week. In the meantime the second-term Mayor carried on with his duties, like donning appropriate regalia to kick off Boy Scout Week in the Big Apple.

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