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updated 03/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 75
Manly and modest Tom Selleck makes waves with his Hawaiian detective series, Magnum, P.L., and a TV movie with Jane Curtin this week, but his marriage is in deep water

Up Front 34

Ronald Reagan's press secretary, Jim Brady, fights his way to health with humor

Maya Ying Lin hopes her Vietnam memorial will bring healing; so far, it's just caused rage

Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash recall singing about Jesus with Elvis

Freed from Red Brigade terrorists, Brig. Gen. Jimmy Dozier is welcomed home to Arcadia, Fla.

Frisky Fleet Street uncovers a pregnant Diana in a teeny bikini

Trouble 47
The case had the poignancy of Kramer vs. Kramer as a judge granted joint custody of a 14-year-old mutt to two families

Happy 51
Radio waves are crackling with Dr. Ruth Westheimer's advice to the sex-lorn

In His Own Words 63
He loves her? He loves her not? Dr. David Givens' courtship study reveals the answers

Pages 69
A Kurt Vonnegut protégée, Gail Godwin, strikes literary pay dirt

Spirit 87
Rev. Bailey Smith, the spokesman for Southern Baptists, plunges into controversy

Bio 92
Maya Angelou once claimed only a caged bird sang, but she's proving otherwise, having broken out to return South

Sequel 100
Go ahead and kick the tires of Gordon Buehrig's new $130,000 car

Jocks 102
It's smooth skating to the 1984 Olympics for Kitty and Peter Carruthers

Inventors 106
Music teacher Gunnar Schonbeck seeks novel sounds with pots and pipes

Couples 108
Model Christie Brinkley and champagne heir Olivier Chandon are effervescent

In the Money 113
The queen of kiwi, Frieda Caplan, stocks America's shelves with far-out victuals

On the Move 119
Country singer Ed Bruce goes from vinyl to video as James Garner's Maverick sidekick

Lookout 126

Style 129
C.B. Vaughan's skiwear has made him the mogul of the mountains

Screen 135
Though stunted by diabetes, Dana Hill scores a hit in Shoot the Moon

Mail 4

Picks & Pans a 10

Leslie Nielsen is arresting in ABC's new spoof, Police Squad!, and Pat Harrington steals a CBS movie

Robin Cook's novel Fever is low-grade

Farewell Song recalls Janis Joplin's talent

Kate Jackson in Making Love, Jack Nicholson in The Border and Jack Lemmon in Missing all rise above shaky material

Pat O'Brien portrays Casey Stengel in Casey: Which Is Myself

Star Tracks 55

William Katt takes the cake

The First Couple have a close shave

Arthur Rubinstein turns 95

Johnny Bench swaps his mitt for a camera

People Puzzle 91

Chatter 138

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