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'Hill Street Blues'
Congratulations on finally recognizing the exceptional quality of Hill Street Blues (PEOPLE, Feb. 22). Pizza Man and Joyce have to be the hottest, most sensual couple on TV for a long time. It is refreshing to see a relationship on the tube that is intelligent, witty, free and caring.
Peter Davis
Providence, R.I.

I've been an avid fan of Hill Street since it came on the air. As a female police officer with five years' experience, I find that the show accurately represents a lot of the frustrations and dangers of police work. Although you did not profile Betty Thomas, I must praise her portrayal of Lucy as a competent, sensitive officer. For too long, policewomen have been shown as superhuman sex kittens. Betty represents them for what they are: well-trained professionals.
Linda Forst-Duke
Boca Raton, Fla.

While your cover announced the "stunning new realism" of HSB, your cover photo is the same old cheesecake. The men wear appropriate business attire; the woman's blouse is open to the navel. The men are ready for work. Is the woman ready for court? To meet clients? It is difficult to understand why PEOPLE and Ms. Hamel opted for an image that undermines the credibility the show strives to create.
Sylvia R. Lafferty

John Schmidt
I wish to commend you on the article about Atlas Savings and Loan, the country's first gay financial institution. John Schmidt's comments show that he is an astute and perceptive person, truly involved in the community and not lacking in a sense of humor.
Mel Werking
Glenwood Springs, Colo.

Lois Gibbs
I admire Lois Gibbs' courageous fight against hazardous waste. I live near Ellisville, Mo., where we have an ugly waste problem that will cost a fortune to clean up. Now Union Electric of St. Louis wants to open a nuclear plant that will dump radioactive waste into the Missouri River, the source of water for the city of St. Louis. We'll all add to our store of radioactivity, and it is going to be interesting to note the incidence of cancer in the area 20 years from now. Instead, I'd like to talk to Lois Gibbs and find out how to fight back before we get sick.
Marian Leick
Winchester, Mo.

Address letters to: Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes, P.O. Box 7097, Arlington, Va. 22207.

Pia Zadora
I had the extreme misfortune of seeing Butterfly. It should have been called Gutterfly. When this film was glorified by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, all the recipients were belittled, especially the nominees in Zadora's category.
Mary Powell
Los Angeles

As a West German member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who did not vote for Pia Zadora, I would like, nonetheless, to speak for those colleagues who did. As foreign journalists, we appreciate being allowed to work and live in this country, but we would appreciate it even more if the American press would let us express our opinions freely. What's wrong with watching movies through foreign eyes with a view to their potential in our countries? Did you know that Butterfly was mobbed at the Manila Film Festival? Do we have to agree with what American audiences choose as the best of Hollywood?
Karl-Heinz Kukowski
Los Angeles

What has happened to my favorite magazine? Who needs Veronica Hamel's bare front on the cover, Daniel Travanti in his underwear, and who wants to see Pia Zadora's bare tush? For the first time I hid the magazine when my grandchildren came to visit.
Phyllis Nolan

Ivan Lendl
Thank you for the article on tennis's most gentlemanly player, Ivan Lendl. It's time that someone focused attention on a true athlete instead of on a publicity-hungry brat like McEnroe.
Dawn Collins
Taylor, Mich.

Ivan Lendl is a robot programmed to win, while John McEnroe is an alive, exciting human being.
Jaye Ann Hill
Johnstown, Pa.

Elizabeth Bard
Thank you for lifting me out of my hopeless ignorance. Until I read about Bard's enlightening study of the infamous jelly bean, I had blindly assumed that the things I put in my mouth had something to do with taste. Once again, when intelligence goes out to lunch, psychology triumphs over logic.
Dan Strem
Long Beach, Calif.

Anthony Andrews
In your article on Anthony Andrews, we are again confronted with an actor who plays a gay role in order to further his career, then trots out the wife and kiddies to make certain there is no doubt about his heterosexuality. He is ungenerous to gays and insults the intelligence of straights by implying that they don't know the difference between an actor and his role.
Leonard H. Manheim
New York City

By slapping a heterosexual halo over the golden locks of Anthony Andrews, you have shattered my dreams and those of thousands of other gay males. We gay folk romanticize about male movie idols too, you know. Now that we know he's married and has two children, straight middle-class America can, with your sanction, watch his magnificent portrayal of Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited without wincing. In a future interview, why don't you interview a gay actor who happens to be playing a straight role and shake up some of your smug heterosexual readers a bit?
David I. Robbins
San Francisco

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