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updated 03/15/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/15/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Foxy Rod
No, that wasn't Little Red Riding Hood bo-peeping out of a fur jacket but rocker Rod Stewart, looking sexy all the same. Rod, 37, and wife Alana, 36, were returning to their Manhattan hotel following Stewart's sell-out concert at the Byrne Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey. His red fox was pulled out of storage at Harrods in London for his East Coast tour (the L.A. resident prefers balmy weather), and since the raspy songster had just recovered from laryngitis, he was even more determined to out-fox the elements.

Reagan rally
Maureen Reagan, 41, has yet to receive an endorsement from Dad in her bid for S.I. Hayakawa's California Senate seat, and Uncle Neil Reagan is backing another candidate. So it was a much-needed show of family solidarity when Maureen and Dennis Revell, 29, her husband of 10 months, turned out at an L.A. bank as Mom Jane Wyman and Charlton Heston received Humanitarian of the Year awards from the Arthritis Foundation. Maureen, who filed for candidacy the next day, is running fourth (out of nine) in a recent poll.

Sugar's babies
Sugar Ray Leonard, 25, and brother Kenny (background) were so busy promoting the champ's new ABC Saturday series Golden Gloves that they missed seeing Sugar Babies on Broadway. However, the world welterweight champion made up for it with a backstage beauty bout. "It was great seeing my buddy Mickey Rooney," said Leonard, "but the sugar babies really sweetened my visit to the Big Apple."

Papa Miltie
Was it kind of a drag growing up as Uncle Miltie's son? Bill Berle, a 20-year-old college student and pilot, thinks not and happily joined his 73-year-old dad backstage at the NBC special Bob Hope's Women I Love—Beautiful but Funny. Even with a sequined gown and blond wig, "Aunt Millicent" only half qualified.

Love, Sidney...and Quincy
They called it "osculating," though a kiss by any other name is still as sweet. "It's the odd trio," chuckled Ed McMahon, 59, after receiving a Myasthenia Gravis Foundation award and busses from foundation chairman Tony Randall (top) and former winner Jack Klugman. At the Beverly Hilton event, McMahon wasn't saying whose smooches were sloppier, but he did mention that—unlike the fastidious Felix on The Odd Couple—when Randall came over for poker he didn't clean up a thing "except, usually, chips."

Charlene's hat trick
Dallas' Charlene Tilton will be a guest host at the Easter Seal telethon later this month. In her role as National Youth Chairman, she threw a party in Hollywood for 10 disabled children (including 11-year-old William Hernandez), complete with favors, jugglers and rabbit tricks. The 22-year-old actress also had another surprise: Less than one month after her Valentine's Day wedding to country crooner Johnny (Lookin' for Love) Lee, Charlene is expecting her first child.

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