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The Medium Was the Mess
One of the hit songs of 1961 began "He took 100 pounds of clay...and He created woman." Twenty-one years later Chicago sculptor and jazz musician Dwight Owen Kalb has come up with a unique variation on the theme. Kalb asked buddy Mel Markon, a local restaurant owner, to display some of his work. When Markon said there wasn't enough room, Kalb, who was eating a chopped liver sandwich at the time, said, "What if I did a sculpture in chopped liver?" So two weeks ago Kalb, who usually works in wood, tried to turn 30 pounds of the stuff into a version of his teen idol, Brooke Shields. It didn't work. The body drooped so much that one observer heckled, "It looks more like Dolly Parton"—even after Kalb put his Miss Brooke in the freezer to firm up. Some of the reporters who turned out seemed disappointed, but not Jeff Flock, a Cable News Network reporter. Quoth Flock, "I've always wanted to nibble Brooke's ear"—and he did just that.

Prince Charming
As president of the World Wildlife Fund, Prince Philip is at home with all kinds of animals, but during a recent visit to Egypt, the Duke of Edinburgh seemed to have a hard time dealing with humans. Rattled by schedule changes, Philip was positively peevish. Asked what he had seen during two days of touring, the Prince replied, "Well, I've seen the traffic in Cairo. The trouble with you Egyptians," he told another questioner, "is that you breed too much." Had he enjoyed his trip, persisted another. "You don't really expect me to answer that question, do you?" snapped the Prince.

Room Service
Norma Nathan, a Boston Herald American columnist, got more than she bargained for when she reported that Robert Redford was in town for Sen. Edward Kennedy's 50th-birthday celebration. The problem was that Nathan didn't stop there; she discovered Redford was staying in room 628 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and included that tidbit in her column. Redford received so many calls that the hotel had to shut off his phone. Several days later Nathan got an irate letter from the actor, accusing her of "shabby journalism." "I always hoped Robert Redford would write to me," admits Norma, "but I didn't know that it would be like this."

Five-Finger Exercise
Although he would probably have been elected to a fourth term as Michigan's Governor, Bill Milliken is bowing out of the 1982 race. That may account for his willingness to divulge a bit of campaign wisdom: how to check on a politician's popularity. Gallup wouldn't approve, but here's the Milliken method: "I watch the crowds waving to me, and I count the number of fingers they're using."


•When Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, the publisher, announced plans to move part of its operation from New York City to Orlando, Fla. by 1984, a battle of barbs ensued between the two cities' Mayors. New York's Ed Koch said of the Florida city, "You're more likely to get skin cancer down there." Retorted Orlando's Bill Frederick, "In Manhattan, you have to run for your life. At least our joggers run for fun."

•Did you think Johnny Carson would keep quiet while Ed McMahon was being appointed an honorary Brigadier General-in-Chief by the California National Guard? No way. Quipped Johnny after the ceremony in L.A., "Ed really deserves the promotion. He's been a colonel so long, I thought he was going to open a chicken franchise."

•Gloria Steinem figures the linguistic changes of the last decade are evidence that the women's movement has made strides. "Now we have terms like 'displaced homemaker' and 'sexual harassment,' " she said. "We didn't have those terms 10 years ago. It was just called life."

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