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updated 03/29/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/29/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 44
His record royalties keep rolling in, but repentant country kingpin Kenny Rogers is plowing his energies into his baby son and his breathtaking new farm

Up Front 22

Cancer patient Joan Karafotas battles an emotional ordeal with synthetic interferon

Bianca Jagger puts her disco days on hold to sing a different tune: against U.S. policy in Central America

A jury says that Claus von Bülow tried to kill his wife—and aristocratic Newport, R.I. is stunned

Lookout 37
Todd Nelson wins a space shuttle science contest

Inventors 38
Frances Gabe's self-cleaning house could give harried housewives a new slant on life

Jocks 42
At last, pro basketball's World (for All-World) B. Free has a name that matches his scoring touch on the Golden State Warriors

Spirit 53
After 121 years, Vassar gets its first female chaplain, 31-year-old Sandra Wilson

Bio 59
Controversial filmmaker Peter Davis examines the hearts and minds of America's Middletown in his long-awaited PBS series

Stage 70
Away from Hollywood and boyfriend Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters shines in Sally and Marsha off-Broadway

In His Own Words 72
The vogue in Hollywood, says Dr. Ronald Siegel, is for "speedballs" such as the cocaine-heroin mix that felled John Belushi

Song 84
Marv and Rindy Ross have reached pop stardom in a Quarterflash

Body 86
After 60 years of trying countless home remedies, Charles Osborne is still hiccupping

Screen 88
Howard Rollins' explosive Ragtime debut earns him a second role—as Oscar nominee

Style 92
Young designer Donna Karan has stepped into the shoes of fashion legend Anne Klein

Pages 97
Britain's Robert (Majesty) Lacey takes an engaging, anecdotal look at Arabia's House of Sa'ud

Arts 102
Purist tenor Placido Domingo swings his high C's from classics to pop

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

Hollywood glitters at the Oscars; Muncie, Ind. bares its soul in PBS' probing Middletown

South African novelist Alan Paton reexamines his troubled country in Ah, but Your Land Is So Beautiful

The new jazz LP reissues include albums by Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington

In his concert film Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip, the comedian tries a different kind of black humor: joking about his own brush with death

Star Tracks 78

Kristy McNichol tries the wet look

Someone's in the Hilton with Dinah—and that someone's Bob Dylan

Samantha struts her stuff as mom Sally Struthers looks proudly on

You can teach an old fighter new tricks, as Muhammad Ali proves to Magic Johnson

Richard Simmons gets a real ribbing from Erma Bombeck

Tug McGraw tries a new pitch on a Florida beauty queen

People Puzzle 100

Chatter 106

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