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originally published 03/29/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Tom Selleck
I was impressed with the quality, quantity and subject matter of your recent cover article (PEOPLE, March 8). As I rapidly approach semi-middle age, I find it difficult to relate to trendy entertainers: I'm too old for Tim Hutton and I'm not ready for the Louis Rukeyser set. I haven't been this excited about a personality since I got Vince Edwards' autograph in 1961.
Sue Innes
Cave Creek, Ariz.

My friends don't believe me when I tell them I watch Magnum, P.I. for the scenery. Sure, I think Tom Selleck is great, but I actually do watch the show to see the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
Julie Schuetz

I'd like to stuff Tom Selleck and hang him in the study!
Susan Mittel
Arlington, Texas

Jim Brady
It's been a bad week. I lost my job, my car's days are suddenly numbered, and the bills are piling up. But after reading about the strength and courage of Jim Brady, the only feelings I have are shame for my self-pity and a new confidence that things are going to get better. I hope Jim Brady continues to recover. I'm going to.
Denis Bengtson

Though I have the greatest compassion for Jim Brady, it seems ironic that when thousands are being discarded in Reagan's sacrificial rite of government, a close friend retains his $61,600 position, receives immediate processing of his workmen's compensation claim, and has a White House van transport him to therapy. I wish the President showed that much concern for the rest of the country!
P.J. Malinski
Millersville, Md.

Princess of Wales
As sweet as she is, a pregnant princess in a bikini is "tasteless." And after her stylish wedding wardrobe. Tsk! Tsk!
Cynthia Taylor
Green Bay, Wis.

While covering and commenting on the tasteless coverage of Princess Diana, why did you print the same pages that caused such an uproar?
Leslie E. Mosberg

Dana Hill
Your article may lead people to believe that diabetes invariably leads to stunted growth. As a mother of a 13-year-old boy with diabetes (since age 5), I have worked as a volunteer with the American Diabetes Association for eight years. Although complications can be severe, with good control the outlook is for normal stature, participation in athletics, and normal life-style.
Ann Hightower Pickel

Maya Angelou
I read with great pride your warm article about my sister. I consider it to be the definitive coverage of a highly talented lady. As for "brother Bailey," I am very much alive and well; I can usually be found here in San Francisco at the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast. Please continue your good work of "people not losing track of people."
Bailey Johnson
San Francisco

In this day of social confusion, when so many women are groping about for some sort of identity, it is wonderful to have someone as strong-minded as Maya to identify with.
Kimberly Dana Hulme
Frederick, Md.

I have a solution for the legal question of ownership. Drawing on the wisdom of Solomon, I suggest that rather than severing the dog into two equal halves, divided between the owners, the owners be severed and given to the dog.
Jan Knowlton

Maya Ying Lin
When are nonartists going to learn not to interfere with ridiculous ideas of their own? Adding a flag and a soldier to Lin's work would be like telling Rodin to stick a book on the lap of The Thinker because he looks bored.
Patty Warner
Flint, Mich.

Picks & Pans
Homosexuality is not a figment of people's imaginations, and hopefully the film Making Love will bring about an understanding, if not acceptance, of homosexuality by the more "conservative" members of our society.
K.D. Pogue
Columbia, Mo.

Bailey Smith
It is a comfort to know that he preaches "bold, aggressive Gospel messages for Christian soldiers." But I feel he is laying up his riches on earth, with a five-story church and a collection of cars. May the Lord speak to him and put his priorities back into perspective.
D. Oelke
Hutchinson, Minn.

I found Olivier Chandon's comment that "one child makes you one second slower" very sad. Even though I'm only a teenager, I realize that life is not an auto race. I'm just glad my parents were not interested in winning and did some extra laps.
Tina Kazan
Dolton, Ill.

Gordon Buehrig
The Cord car almost always takes a good picture, but the same is not always true of me. You will no doubt receive many letters telling you that the caption to the center picture should say that the Cord cost $3,000 when new—not $31,000.
Gordon M. Buehrig
Sun City, Ariz.

I read the letter from Barbara Wood-house to my dog, and we both felt better. She had been thinking that I was getting a little strange, blowing down her nose, and I had been thinking that she was not reacting normally to it.
Lincoln Grindle, M.D.
South Laguna, Calif.

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