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updated 03/29/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/29/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Walk on the wet side
It may look like punk's answer to the dry look, but the matching coifs of Kristy McNichol and her hairdresser escort Joey Corsaro were simply the result of a sudden shower that caught the couple en route to the L.A. premiere of Richard Pryor's Live on the Sunset Strip. Afterward they joined Nick Nolte, Robin Williams and Robert Walden, to name a few, at a nightclub party for Pryor. Though Joey is Kristy's live-in companion, they both see other people. One of her frequent dates is Christopher (The Blue Lagoon) Atkins, who co-stars with Kristy in The Pirate Movie (a Penzance knockoff), scheduled to bow in August.

Dylan and Dinah
The times they are a-changin' for 40-year-old singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, who is rumored to have abandoned his born-again Christianity and embraced the Jewish faith once again. Dylan kept quiet about his reconversion when he was inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame at the New York Hilton, where he was photographed with Dinah Shore, winner of a lifetime achievement award. "This is pretty amazing," said a modest Mr. Tambourine Man, "because I can't read or write a note of music."

Samantha steps out
The star-studded lineup for the mother-daughter fashion show at the Beverly Hills Hotel included Connie Stevens, Mary Ann Mobley, Joan Collins and Phyllis Diller. The show stealer, however, was Sally Struthers' daughter, Samantha, almost 3, who modeled a white knit pantsuit and straw hat. Samantha walked to the end of the runway with her mother, then waved goodbye and toddled off solo as rehearsed. But after a few moments in the spotlight, the minimodel raced back to Mom, who hopes to be center stage herself next fall in a new All in the Family spin-off called Gloria.

Ali's Magic trick
Earvin Johnson makes basketballs vanish through hoops for the L.A. Lakers, yet even "Magic" was impressed when heavyweight prestidigitator Muhammad Ali made a napkin disappear at a fund raiser for L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley's gubernatorial bid. Ali's had plenty of time to practice sleight of hand since swearing off the gloves one more time after his loss to Trevor Berbick last December. But the lord of the ring may have his greatest illusion still ahead of him: Between chicken and potato commercials and a cable TV special on boxing, the former champ may still be hoping to conjure up another comeback.

Richard's rib tickler
It turned out to be no laughing matter when Richard (Never-Say-Diet) Simmons and household humorist Erma Bombeck teamed up for an Astaire-and-Rogers spoof during the taping of Here's Richard, a pilot for a prime-time exercise-entertainment series. Though the far-out fitness guru has swept the nation off its feet with his morning shape-up show, he produced a playful grimace when he hoisted Bombeck during a spin. Later the pain was for real. Playing a 500-pound cheerleader in another skit, Erma accidentally fell on the diminutive Richard and cracked three of his ribs. Ever since then Simmons has been exercising ever so ginger-ly.

Take it from Tug
"Someone with curves like yours can throw a curveball," smirked Philadelphia Phillies hurler Tug McGraw—and with those words of encouragement, Lisa Smith, Miss Florida-USA, ably tossed out the first ball of the Phillies' exhibition season. Tug later confided to a friend that he can still "grip a girl and a ball at the same time," in spite of the arm surgery last November that has kept him sidelined so far this spring. McGraw hopes to be back on the mound by Opening Day. In the meantime he's been working out at the wheel of his latest acquisition—a 1955 Buick whose radio, he claims, plays only Elvis Presley tunes.

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