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updated 04/19/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/19/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

On the Cover 29
PEOPLE readers, interviewed nationwide by Audits and Surveys Inc., air refreshingly disparate opinions on (from left) Brooke Shields, Warren Beatty, Princess Diana, Stefanie Powers, Tom Selleck, Ronald Reagan—and that's not all!

Discovery 47
Psychologist Julian Stanley's research adds up to male superiority in math aptitude

In His Own Words 53
A rosé by any other name would quickly be identified by wine connoisseur Hugh Johnson

Trouble 63
In a crusade against the IRS, some tax defiers get away with no returns—but not for long

Couples 71
Fame keeps them a continent apart, but the state of the union of Debbie Allen and Win Wilford is good

On the Move 89
At 50, Boxcar Willie is still riding his "hobo" circuit as the country music King of the Road

Bio 95
The Librarian of Congress, controversial historian Daniel Boorstin, has more on his mind than the Dewey decimal system

Sequel 106
Back in Plains, Amy Carter moons over Mick Jagger—and plans a Washington comeback

Tube 115
Strike Force resembles The Untouchables, and not just because of Robert Stack

Song 121
Greek-born composer Vangelis rides Chariots of Fire to an Oscar—and the top of the pop charts

Losers 123
In a modern range war, tiny Antelope, Oreg. battles an Indian guru and his followers

Screen 128
A young lover and a Victor/ Victoria smash help Lesley Ann Warren overcome a traumatic divorce

Happy 133
Stevie Wonder, Robert Redford and Loni Anderson get all wound up over Rita Ford's music boxes

Jocks 139
At 74, Johnny Kelley still runs for the fun of it in the Boston Marathon

Lookout 142
Medical crusader Bill Brock Scriptwriter Karen Hall

Style 145
Pierre Bergé knows all about Yves; he's been Saint Laurent's alter ego for 22 years

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

Lynn Redgrave returns in a new NBC sitcom, and Helen Mirren plays Shakespeare on PBS

The author of such nonfiction crime books as Serpentine, Thomas Thompson produces a striking novel, Celebrity

Willie Nelson recycles some more tunes while another familiar voice, Judy Collins, returns with a strong new album

A film satire on everything from TV to terrorism, Wrong Is Right stars Sean Connery

From digital waker-upper to sarcophagus, you can make it from a kit

People Puzzle 137

Chatter 148

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