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Princess Grace
I was delighted to read your interview with Princess Grace (PEOPLE, April 5). She is an inspiration to my generation of women: She has chic, class and realistic perceptions about her life.
Yvonne Rail
Kettering, Ohio

Princess Grace characterizes herself as a "modern, contemporary woman." Sorry, Grace. After reading your statements that "men are logical" but "women aren't," this modern woman hasher doubts.
Wendy J. Maynard
Matawan, N.J.

Henry Kissinger
It's nice to know that Dr. Kissinger, at the urging of his wife, sought treatment for his chest pains and so avoided a major heart attack. His story may convince others that they should not feel invincible but must respond to bodily signals of distress.
K. Morgan
Collingswood, N.J.

I've admired Henry Kissinger for years, but no longer. I read in PEOPLE that after recovering from his heart surgery he planned to take 17 people—exclusively, his doctors and their wives—to dinner, and it really irritated me. Did his nurses do less for him than the doctors' wives? As a 55-year-old R.N. who knows how important a good coronary care nurse is to recovery, I take offense at Mr. Kissinger's lack of appreciation. Is he unable to relate to nurses socially or intellectually? His snobbery doesn't help a profession trying to erase its second-class image.
Mary Lou Swisher
Cheshire, Ohio

Gun Ordinances
When I first read your article about the law in Kennesaw, Ga. requiring every householder to own a gun, I had to read it again to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I wish it were a joke. I hope that it doesn't take a tragedy to make these people come to their senses.
Christine Kovachevich
Jonesville, Mich.

Lt. Gen. William Callaghan
Your portrayal of Lt. Gen. William Callaghan, commander of the U.N. peacekeeping mission on the Israel-Lebanon border, was fascinating; however, your brief commentary on the situation there was unfair and inaccurate. You imply that Israel acts in a purely defensive capacity in the area. Despite Israel's persecution as a nation, they are now inflicting a like persecution on the Palestinian people. America's blind support of such practices, reinforced and perpetuated by media portrayals of Israel as the injured angel, is becoming absurd. At least concede that Israel has fired one or two shots in aggression rather than in retaliation.
C. Harrison
Arlington, Va.

Lt. Gen. William Callaghan's statement that "peace begets peace" is something that we can all practice. I put it up on our refrigerator so that my family can see it every day. All heads of state should take note, too
Judy Asma
Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Aside from Claire Kingsley's vituperative comments about my idol Elizabeth Taylor, I was appalled to note that she feels being fat is something that must be "forgiven." Fat is a word that should never be used as a moral judgment.
Sandra Aguado
Peckville, Pa.

Garry Wills
Garry Wills' book is just another feeble attempt to strike it rich by discrediting the Kennedys. The Kennedy haters will applaud the book, the lovers will dismiss it. Why not just let President Kennedy rest in peace?
Patricia O'Brien
Walnut Creek, Calif.

Garry Wills should note that Teddy Kennedy couldn't beat even Jimmy Carter because most Americans do not believe in his policies. It has nothing to do with anyone's perception of his brothers.
Patrick Stroud
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond's vast appeal to the public knows no age limit, as I am an avid fan of his at 39, and so is my 16-year-old daughter. His talent spans the generation gap, and may it continue to do so for a long time, but please Neil, cut down on the cigarettes so we can say this "diamond is forever."
Julaine Banks

High prices, leaky milk cartons, crushed Twinkies are forgotten in the checkout lines when you see Neil Diamond's picture peeking out at you from the magazine rack! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the private life of a very special man, who has given the public so many hours of beautiful music.
Joyce Goodfellow
Joanne Callanan

It seems to be standard practice among critics to characterize as mediocre any music that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners, and your story on Neil Diamond is no exception. Full of subtle put-downs like "melodramatic" and "middle-of-the-road," the article suggests it's uncool to be a Diamond fan. Well, we're not all boring suburbanites as you imply. Neil Diamond is a star in the fullest sense of the word; he has every right to be proud of his achievements. He deserves better treatment, and so do his fans.
Noelle Simon
Price, Utah

I do wish that everyone would stop dissecting Neil Diamond like some frog in Biology 101. The man is the consummate artist. Impatient with imperfection and intolerant of ineptitude—first in himself and then in others.

Just try and get a master tape for an album out of his hands and he will hold on as if it were his new "child." But when he does release his grasp, you have in your possession an item worthy of the time capsule at the next World's Fair.
Art Fisher
Los Angeles

Fisher was the producer-director of the 1977 TV special Neil Diamond: Glad You're Here With Me Tonight.—ED.

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