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updated 05/03/1982 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/03/1982 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On the Cover 36
It's aloha Oahu, hello Opatija as Tom Selleck soldiers to fortune in High Road to China, with Bess Armstrong, Jack Weston and a multiethnic cast and crew

Up Front 42

A loving family stands behind John Hinckley Jr. as President Reagan's would-be assassin goes on trial

Too many of America's bridges are unsafe at any speed, charges writer George Mair

Screen 51
All aboard! After her Oscar win, travelphobe Maureen Stapleton rides the rails to Texas

Controversy 58
The Ground Zero protests are over, and it's business as usual for doomsday planner Joseph Mealy and warhead assemblers in Amarillo

Sequel 68
Edie Adams was married to a nut (Ernie Kovacs); now she's raising them on her California farm

Arts 74
Soviet virtuoso Gidon Kremer is the world's wildest—and some say best—violinist

Song 83
Country music's hottest group comes from Alabama with electric guitars on their knees

Trouble 92
Alarmed by Muslim threats, Sigourney Weaver and a movie crew leave the Philippines—in a hurry

Couples 96
This marriage goes to the swift: top miler Mary Decker and marathoner Ron Tabb

Teacher 105
Thanks to L.A. cantor Nathan Lam, even non-canaries like Burt Reynolds can sing

Gallery 116
Now 83, Muriel Hoopes went to China as a young bride—and stayed a lifetime

Style 120
The jet set's latest find is one of its own—socialite gown designer Carolina Herrera

On the Move 125
Retired Judge Joseph Wapner is The People's Court Solomon of small claims

Heirs 131
Muppeteer Jim Henson's most brilliant creation since Kermit, his daughter, Lisa, is running the Harvard Lampoon

Inventors 136
Bill Tolle has tapped a novel source—empty beer cans—to heat his Ohio home

Coping 139
Shelley Bruce, a former Annie on Broadway, is winning her fight against leukemia one day at a time

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 12

Ben Gazzara gets ensnared on CBS and Lee Remick commits murder on ABC

John Gregory Dunne, author of True Confessions, writes bitingly again of the Irish Catholic underworld in Dutch Shea, Jr.

Four veteran rockers combine in a most scrutable new group, Asia

The monster is a vegetarian but still considers Adrienne Barbeau a tidbit in the horror film Swamp Thing

PEOPLE Puzzle 102

Star Tracks 113

Ivan Lendl gets a kick out of Princess Stephanie

Pierre Trudeau does a patriotic pirouette

Rocker Ted Nugent doesn't let a little boa constrict his appetite

For Catherine Bach, the thigh's the limit

For lead singer Sting, Police action means a run in Central Park

Chatter 142

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