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originally published 05/03/1982 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Henry Fonda
I am, like Richard Schickel, "someone who as a child...granted his affections to" Mr. Fonda, and I agree with him that Henry Fonda's award was long overdue (PEOPLE, April 12). But most of all I found it satisfying to read that it was Jane who found the script for them to do. It seems appropriate to me that those two should reach an apex of mutual understanding in their lives through their art and craft and allow us to witness it. On Golden Pond will always be for me a gift from the Fondas to all parents and children who have found it difficult to communicate their true emotions to each other.
Jeanette K. King
Winfield, Kans.

When PEOPLE arrived this week, our 4-year-old son pointed to the face of Henry Fonda and said, "Lincoln." We think that he had just learned the meaning of the word compassion.
Bonni & Rick Howe
Northfield, N.J.

After reading a lot about Henry Fonda in the last few weeks, it sounded to me as if some people felt that the Academy owed him an Oscar just because he was old, sick, had never received one and might not make another film. After seeing On Golden Pond twice, I don't see how anyone else could have won. What a performance!
Steve Vinson
Cookeville, Tenn.

El Salvador
The remark of a Green Beret that he has "a pretty good idea what's best for El Salvador" is utterly grandiose and lunatic. Only the people of El Salvador know what is good for them, and that is for U.S. soldiers to pack up their gear and leave so that they can manage their own affairs. If these soldiers are hungry for a war to fight, they should be allowed to fight the criminals, rapists and drug addicts abundant in this country.
Don N. Estrada
Glendale Heights, Ill.

It's about time someone printed the story of the American advisers in El Salvador. We should be proud to have such patriotic professionals serving in our armed forces. I'm glad they are helping El Salvador. Let's stop painting such a rosy and deceptive picture of the leftist guerrillas.
Allan Manning
Alexandria, Va.

The article on the El Salvador situation assured me that the U.S. involvement is as unnecessary and inhumane as I had thought. Although I agree that "these men are instruments, not shapers, of policy," their attitude toward war is the main cause of world tensions and conflict. They may say they're fighting Communism, but they are killing people.
Laureen O'Hanlon
South Laguna, Calif.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Since when does a "radical women's lib advocate" have his wife take his last name because it's "better" than hers? Sounds more like male chauvinism to me.
Joan B. Remney
Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

Fred Hill
A million-plus thanks to Fred Hill, who started the ball rolling for Ronald McDonald Houses, and God bless everyone involved. Over a period of a year and a half I slept on chairs and had very little contact with my other two children while I nursed my 9-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, she died shortly after the opening of our McDonald House in Boston. The dedication, love and support of her doctors, nurses and staff were exceptional, but without your family, the pain and anguish are also exceptional.
Ruth Sapienza
Lawrence, Mass.

Andrew Tobias
I'm sick and tired of the insurance industry getting a bum rap. I've been in the business for several years and sympathize with the popular opinion that paying for it is a necessary evil, like income tax, the cost of gasoline, doctors' bills, etc. I can't count the times I have had to listen to complaints from customers that insurance is nothing but a rip-off. So why do I stay with it? For the gratification I feel when I hand people a check to rebuild their house or repair their car and receive their appreciation.
Beverly Kelsey
Austin, Texas

Bess Myerson
In your story about Bess Myerson and her I Love NY diet, you claim that the words "lose 10 pounds in seven days" will "carry a lot of weight with the nation's estimated 65 million fatties." I beg to differ. All of them do not want to diet nor do they consider themselves "fatties." Given the current slim mania, this phrase most likely carries weight mainly with those "thinnies" who are obsessed with losing even more weight.
Julie Butler
Managing Editor
Big Beautiful Woman
Encino, Calif.

Kate Jackson
Just as Kate Jackson found out, all homosexuals do not live in New York. My ex-husband and I went to see Making Love together. It was all I could do not to break down in public. When you see the events of your life up on the screen, you tend to fall apart. I agree that the script was shallow, but how deeply can you pursue this subject without offending one group or another? From my personal experience, I feel that the film was well done, but no one can really know unless she has gone through it.
Name Withheld
Owensboro, Ky.

Picks & Pans
Along with my family and friends, I read your review of John Denver's new album Seasons of the Heart, and we all decided that we shouldn't have. We are really tired of music critics trying to criticize poetry when they have about as much imagination as the Rolling Stones. I find Denver's lyrics peaceful and relaxing; I can also understand them—as opposed to the mumbo jumbo of the rockers you favor. I'll spare myself the headache any day.
Jennifer Callahan
Estacada, Oreg.

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