Picks and Pans Review: People's Choice

updated 05/10/1982 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/10/1982 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>•DUTCH SHEA, JR., by John Gregory Dunne. In a novel both despairing and darkly funny, a criminal lawyer grieves for his daughter, killed by a terrorist, and gradually loses his grip on life.

•HAPPY TO BE HERE, by Garrison Keillor. These 29 short stories by the man who broadcasts on National Public Radio from "Lake Woebegon, Minn." are genial, grade-A satire. ft HEADING WEST, by Doris Betts. This novel about a Southern librarian who is liberated by a madman brims with memorable scenes and images.

•HOMETOWN, by Peter Davis. Hamilton, Ohio is the setting for a clear-eyed report of love, politics, murder and almost everything else that goes on in American towns.

•LEVITATION, by Cynthia Ozick. Marvelous stories about Jews in New York show how they deal with the dark magic in their lives.

•OH WHAT A PARADISE IT SEEMS, by John Cheever. Short and splendidly written, this is a fable about an old man who wants to save a polluted village pond.

•THE REBEL ANGELS, by Robertson Davies. A beautiful scholar becomes involved with three bizarre faculty members and a corrupt monk; the dialogue is a literate delight.

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