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updated 11/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/08/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Hutton's escort service
Timothy Hutton, 22, has squired more of this year's showbiz ingenues than you could shake a script at, including Melissa (Little House) Gilbert, 18, and Elizabeth (Ragtime) McGovern, 20. But it wasn't until last month that Tim wrapped up 1982's Young Man About Town Award. First, he escorted Calvin Klein's daughter, Marci (right), to the Cats opening on Broadway. Two weeks later he attended Marci's sweet-16 party at Studio 54 with not one but two younger dates, director Sidney Lumet's daughter Jenny (above right), 16, and her 11th-grade pal, Andrea Scoppetta (above). The scruffy look, by the way, is by order of Jenny's dad, who is directing Tim in the upcoming film Daniel. In his most mature role to date, Hutton plays a graduate student, which may have led him to break another recent pattern: Earlier on, he dated co-star Amanda (Agnes of God) Plummer—though she's an ancient 25.

Edwardian education
Though the Wanganui Collegiate School has always been one of New Zealand's finest, students are really getting the royal treatment now that Prince Edward is serving as a house tutor there. Last year Edward, 18, was head boy at Gordonstoun, a private school in Scotland with an exchange program at Wanganui, and next year he plans to continue his education at Cambridge's Jesus College. In the meantime, Edward's duties will include coaching, teaching his favorite subjects, English and history, leading outdoor excursions through the rugged countryside and, yes, as he is doing here, even putting up with study hall monitoring.

Country-fied Chicken
Ted Giannoulas, a/k/a the Chicken, was the San Diego Padres' self-appointed booster extraordinaire until two years ago when he followed the players' lead and declared himself a free agent. Since then, he has egged on fans in major league ball parks all over America, and his fee, $3,500 per appearance, sure isn't chicken feed. Now Giannoulas is spreading his wings and branching into television, joining Loretta Lynn on next week's NBC special, Loretta in Big Apple Country. In addition to the singing debut of the coal miner's daughter's husband, Mooney, the special includes this bit of fowl play between the star and her prime (-time) pullet.

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