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Celebrity Dating
Warren Beatty's string of romances (PEOPLE, Oct. 25) is the sort of thing that the average man only daydreams about. I don't think, as you do, that by not marrying he's saying Heaven Can Wait—I think he's already there.
Sam Tolbert
Norfolk, Va.

Why must we assume that famous people who date more famous people have ulterior motives? In that case, I suppose that I'm dating a minister because I believe that it will help me get to Heaven faster. Why don't we give love and companionship some credit in these relationships instead of concluding that someone is simply stepping on someone else's shoulders in order to climb the ladder?
Diana Greene
Ft. Washington, Md.

Halls of Congress
I feel a great lack of sympathy for the Congressmen who are dropping out. For the most part, theirs seems an easier life than that of my own family. My husband is a truck driver, I am a college student, and we have a 7-year-old son. Congressmen say they earn "scarcely enough" salary to maintain two residences. We maintain a home on about one-fourth of a Congressman's salary. He complained that he didn't see his children for three weeks sometimes. My husband doesn't see his son—or me—for two to four weeks, and this is not sometimes, it is all the time. This routine is "tedious and frustrating"; large parts of it are "not particularly satisfying" for us either; and I am also "very tired of the hassle." We can't quit, though, unless we want to lose what small strides we have made. So we keep going, hoping that one day things will be better. At least we do have our privacy.
Sally Hale
Johnson City, Tenn.

There's only one word to describe the lavish luncheon that Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-Fla.) threw to celebrate her legislative proposals for stopping food stamp abuse: tasteless!
Margaret Buccat
Hazelwood, Mo.

The message Sen. Paula Hawkins tried to convey at the scrumptious luncheon you mentioned was that it was not a folly but rather a national tragedy that food-stamp chiselers were able to perpetrate fraud on the American taxpayer. Today, because of her efforts, there is a provision in the law that makes it possible to prosecute such people. Her message would have been the same if the menu had been grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. You called her initiative a "diet for the poor." In fact, it has led to a diet for the greedy, implemented so that the needy can get the benefit of programs that were designed for them and them alone.
Rex J. Ford
Reddick, Fla.

Homer Fahrner
Your article about Homer Fahrner and his army of senior gleaners was interesting. We seldom hear about people who help others. I'm sure many PEOPLE readers would like to contribute to his effort to raise $10,000 for a truck so that more food can be collected. Please provide an address.
Iris C. Griswold
Gulfport, Miss.

Checks and inquiries can be mailed to: Homer Fahrner, Gleaners Statewide, 2606 J St., Apt. D, Sacramento, Calif. 95816.—ED.

Prince Andrew
Your article about the romance of Prince Andrew and actress Koo Stark was outrageous. If Andy can accept Koo as she is, why shouldn't everyone else? It's no one's business what she does for a living. After all, Koo accepts Andrew as he is. Mum should come alive and realize these are the '80s.
Denece Paulmenn
Union, N.J.

Haunted Houses
The Breakers, Cornelius Vanderbilt's 70-room summer cottage in Newport, R.I., is haunted only by the thousands of tourists who tramp through it day after day. I've worked at a few of the mansions in Newport and have spent a lot of time at the Breakers, but I've yet to hear a bump or a groan out of any of them. And the very notion that the Mrs. Vanderbilt would even associate with a mere tourist—highly unlikely!
Leonard J. Dawson
Newport, R.I.

Kountze High School
For your information, the Kountze High School football team in Texas did not have "the longest high school football losing streak in recent history." The Lone Pine Eagles in Lone Pine, Calif. had lost 54 games in a row when they scored a forfeit win over Death Valley High on Sept. 24. This was a dubious honor, but Lone Pine did hold the record. However, they went on to win five games this season.
Linda Lemons
Burbank, Calif.

Lone Pine High did scoop Kountze High, which broke its 53-game streak on Oct. 9. Happily, the Texas team has also won two and tied two as we go to press. If anybody can top the Lone Pine record, let us know.—ED.

Kenny Loggins
I also can't believe that it's been six years since Loggins and Messina disbanded, but then have six years ever gone by so musically? I commend PEOPLE for giving Loggins' High Adventure LP a chance. All other reviews have put him down for expanding his horizons—but you gave him credit.
Cindy Carbone
Santa Monica, Calif.

Glenn Close
In your article about me, you said that I "organized a theater troupe called 'The Fingernails—the Group with Polish.' " I was not the organizer of this group, and, while it may seem a small error to you, it is upsetting to me. The Fingernails were the inspiration of Sarah Kernochan, a friend and classmate at Rosemary Hall, the prep school I attended. Sarah was our guiding force and she remains one of the most original, creative and talented people I know. She shared an Oscar for Marjoe and is a very successful novelist, playwright and screenwriter.
Glenn Close
New York City

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