People Puzzle

updated 11/15/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/15/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

The names of 20 prominent people are hidden in the maze of letters. How many can you find by consulting the brief clues? The names read forward, backward, up, down or diagonally, are always in a straight line and never skip letters. We have started you off by circling QUINN, the answer to 1 in the diagram. The names may overlap and letters may be used more than once, but not all of the letters will be used. Super PEOPLE sleuths should be able to identify 15 or more names. Answers in next week's issue.


1. Hollywood's Annie
2. Primate of Poland
3. Assassin's pinup
4. Italian name-dropper
5. Lynda Bird's governor
6. Starlet to Starr
7. At the tiller in Manila
8. TV's Mrs. Meathead
9. Uncommon scents
10. Incredible Hunk
11. Knots nymphet
12. One life extender...
13. ...and another
14. Bounced Kangaroo
15. Rapped for Zapped
16. Body Heater
17. Ex-Rhinestone cowgirl
18. A serious bowman
19. Generally out of State
20. A real actor, by George

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