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updated 12/20/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/20/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Who's on first?
Not every rock group trashes hotel rooms to relax on tour. When The Who found themselves in the same Orlando, Fla. hostel as an all-star field hockey squad from Colorado, Roger Daltrey (in dark wig) and Kenney Jones (left) recruited their crew to take on the girls. During the game Jones was cited for "unladylike conduct," and refs cried "Animal on the field!" when you-know-Who types lost their wigs. "It was perfect," enthused Colorado's Jenny Wilson, 15, of the 1-1 tie. "We would not have wanted to beat The Who."

Together again?
Though rumors of reconciliation spread when model Jerry Hall joined Mick Jagger mid-November in Paris, Mick certainly kept his hands to himself while partying with Hall at the Apocalypse disco. Maybe he was just begging for time to mend last month's breach when she took a flier with horse breeder Robert Sangster. Or maybe he was praying someone would take his picture to prove that yet another recently circulated rumor—that he had died—was greatly exaggerated.

A princess in Paris
Still in mourning, Princess Caroline did manage a visit to Paris, where she and her Yorkshire terrier, Tiffany, went shopping to furnish her digs near the Eiffel Tower. By week's end she had returned to Monaco, where she is expected to assume some of her mother's official duties. "Caroline has aged overnight," observed a friend. "She's become a mother, a wife, a woman."

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