Thanks to the Siegel Brothers, Man's Best Friend Can Now Live in Condo(g)miniums

updated 12/20/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/20/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST


Sunny 2-stry, w/2 Ig rms, hydrnt vu, cnvnt to wtr bowl & fd dish, wd firs, blcny. Optns incl indr/outdr w/w cptg, wallpaper, piped-in music. Price: $4,495.

If this is a dog's life, then bring on the Alpo. The Victorian house advertised above is but one of five custom-built jobs available from Canine Clubhouse of Beverly Hills. Larry (M*A*S*H) Gelbart bought the English Tudor for his Old English sheepdog and Labrador. Director Steven Spielberg is said to be mulling the same $1,195 model for his terrestrial pet, a King Charles spaniel.

"These custom houses are for the very wealthy," concedes David Siege!, 24, who makes the pricey doggie digs with his brother Greg, 22. The canny canine contractors have a home for every kind of publicity hound. Besides the top-of-the-line Victorian and the Tudor (a duplex with two bedrooms and a redwood patio), they offer the Western saloon, perfect for your brandy-toting Saint Bernard. Featuring horseshoes and swinging doors, it sells for $1,095. After a rough day in the fields, your pooped pet may want to settle down for a quick dognap in his own barn, complete with a hayloft and a $695 price tag. And the Spanish model will house a family of Chihuahuas in stylish stucco. Priced for the mini-mutt, it costs a mere $595.

Sally Struthers saw the Siegels' doghouses at a Beverly Hills crafts fair and couldn't stop laughing. Once she did, she asked them if they could convert one into a playhouse for her child. So now the Siegels are selling kid-size houses, too—at a 50 percent increase in size and price. They're also starting a mail-order business with $9.95 blueprints.

Doghouses are the smallest things these brothers have built. As teenagers, they designed and built an addition to their parents' home. After graduating from Beverly Hills High, they went to work in their father's construction business. "Greg and I helped develop three shopping centers," David says proudly. "We did everything ourselves." Now working their way through Santa Monica College, David hopes to transfer to Cal State-North-ridge and become a lawyer; Greg wants to be an actor. In the meantime, they are content to see their business going to the dogs.

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