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originally published 12/20/1982 AT 01:00 AM EST

Buying Time
At a charity auction in Los Angeles last year, wealthy divorcée Suzanne Brierley, 32, who is in what she calls a "career rut," offered to donate $10,000 in exchange for a chance to appear in a movie with Paul Newman, who was sitting at a nearby table. Newman accepted, and sure enough Suzanne appears as a secretary in The Verdict, which opens this month. Though she's hardly more than a walk-on, that was enough for Suzanne. At this year's auction, Brierley anted up $11,000 for a role in Harry and Son, Newman's next film. "Paul promised me a speaking part this time," says Suzanne, who will appear in a beauty parlor scene getting her hair streaked. She is currently taking acting lessons, and she says, "From now on I get all my parts legitimately." Is this how Pia Zadora got started?

Scents and Sensibility
It's not that we believe those rumors about Charles and Diana spatting, but...During a visit to a London children's hospital, Di chatted with 3-year-old Adam Walford, who apologized for not having flowers to give her. "Don't worry," said Diana, holding out a bouquet of white and yellow freesias and roses. "Smell these." "Yuk," responded Adam, "they smell horrible," prompting Diana to say, "Typical. Men."

Ladies' Man?
At a dinner in Lake Arrowhead, Calif., actor Steven (The Young and the Restless) Ford introduced ex-President Jerry with a putt-down. "I arrived at the Bob Hope Desert Classic," he recalled, "to find him on the ladies' tee. I walked up to him and whispered, 'Dad, I know you're for the ERA and all that, but you're on the ladies' tee.' He replied, 'Give me a break. It took me three shots just to get here.' "

Giving Good Wait
To celebrate his Broadway debut in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Andy Gibb invited a few hundred friends to a party at a nearby restaurant. The guests arrived at around 10, but Andy didn't show up until 11:15. Among those waiting was Elizabeth Taylor's producer/escort Zev Bufman, 52, who seemed mildly miffed. He exclaimed, "Even Elizabeth takes less time to get ready!"

Not So Fast
Sophia Loren, a devotee not just of linguine and fettuccine but of hamburgers, hot dogs and New York-style pizza, has been known to have fast food delivered to her suites at even the finest hotels. Only it doesn't arrive fast enough, apparently. The trouble, she says, is that "doormen don't believe the stuff's really-for me. They turn up their noses and then inspect the bags incredulously. When it eventually reaches me, I'm lucky if it isn't cold."


•Times are so rough in Malibu, according to comedian Rich Little, that "a few families in the Colony are using caviar helper."

•Bob Newhart is happy with the time slot in which his new series, Newhart, has been garnering top ratings. As he sees it, "CBS has Tom Selleck on Thursday night. I guess they wanted another macho man on Monday to balance off the week."

•What's it like being a baby Beatle? Just ask Zak Starr, 17 and a drummer for the London-based group Monopacific: "Being Ringo Starr's son is the biggest drag in my life. To be perfectly honest, it's a total pain."

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