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updated 01/10/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/10/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

Diplomatic relations
Elizabeth Taylor is globe-trotting with a new man, Mexican lawyer Victor Gonzalez Luna, 55. In London the pair lunched, shopped and went to the theater. Then Luna escorted Liz to Gstaad for a Christmas summit with her family, and later they checked into the Tel Aviv Hilton's presidential suite. Apart from keeping tongues wagging, Taylor's visit (which included meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Lebanon's President Amin Gemayel) was also meant to serve as an unofficial peace mission.

Chuck of the Irish
As Officer Renko, he's seldom seen far from TV's Hill Street, but actor Charles Haid, 38, is more cosmopolitan. Over Christmas he traveled to Belfast for a reunion of Protestant and Catholic children who, thanks to an American charity, Children's Committee 10, spent last summer here in the States. Said Haid, an active committee member, "If adults can't solve their problems, maybe the kids can."

Heir and parent
He doesn't chase porno stars or play polo, but young William won more headlines than any other prince of the British realm over the holidays. At 6 months, he gave his first press conference in a Kensington Palace sitting room. The bonny Prince laughed only once, but his parents, perhaps eager to squelch newspaper rumors of marital riffs, must have been relieved that this Fleet Street encounter was all smiles.

A Nasty cowlick
Could a modest little TV spot make Nastassia (Cat People) Kinski's hair stand on end? Not really. Coming straight from a Manhattan modeling gig to tape an interview on Late Night With David Letterman, Kinski, 21, simply chose to leave her New Wave cut untouched. Though a bit put off by the lady's unfettered locks, Letterman let her plug Exposed, her upcoming spy thriller with Rudolf Nureyev, which promises to be a real hair-raiser.

Elton loses it
It was a tough night for Elton John. First his drummer, Nigel Olsson, failed to show for a London concert. Then his piano stool broke. Unhappy with his new stool, Elton hurled it angrily toward the audience, sideswiping a fan. A contrite John later made nice by inviting the ticket holder to a party in his honor at a local nightclub. But the rocker bruised a few more egos when, in his suburban cowboy look, he stormed out without explanation.

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