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25 Most Intriguing People
Does President Reagan (PEOPLE, Dec. 27-Jan. 3) really expect the American public to believe that he knows what is going on across this country when he does not even know that there is a soup kitchen across the street from the White House? Maybe it's time for him to stop smelling the horses and start smelling the soup.
Donna Banks
Oklahoma City

There was absolutely nothing I liked about President Reagan until I read his joke about the peg-legged pig. I have been retelling that story ever since, giving the President credit, of course. Now he has one quality that impresses me—a sense of humor.
Maureen Sandkohl
Coconut Grove, Fla.

With any luck at all, maybe the people can give Dutch his wish in 1984 and put him down on the ranch for good.
Rich Kirby

You left out one of Ted Koppel's most important characteristics. Remember a few years ago when he took a leave of absence from the network to help care for his children and home while his wife attended law school? That's liberated!
Marilyn H. Fitzgerald
Arlington, Va.

Thank you for the informative article on Streisand. I'm also glad that she was reported to be determined and intelligent instead of the more usual rude and demanding.
Rich Pearson
Michigan City, Ind.

I was surprised to learn that Richard Gere has been "unappreciative of the young girls and gays who first championed him." After all, they put the star on his door by putting their money down at the box office.
Jeffrey M. Ryan

I loved the double issue, but how could you leave out Treat Williams?
Kate Persson
St. Petersburg

...or how about Martina Navratilova?
Beth Hash
Tazewell, Va.

...or Willie Nelson?
Carole Greenberg
Belmont, Calif.

Most Intriguing Couple
Perhaps we do not all fail so grandly or with consequences for so many, but how many of us have the guts to reach as high as Bill Agee and Mary Cunningham? Brilliance, guts, mutual respect blended with naiveté and love—this couple is delicious, and I will not be watching for their next miss, but rather for their next triumph.
Penny Mercier

Your article on Bill Agee and Mary Cunningham was hilarious, and the pictures were priceless. They are a kind of ugly John and Christina De Lorean.
J. Ryskamp
Caledonia, Mich.

Real Women
I think most women will realize that the person you described as a Real Woman is just an average, well-adjusted, confident woman who is into practicality rather than frivolity. Who isn't these days?
Kathy Lee
Red Deer, Alberta

Your model for the Real Woman looks like an escapee from Siberia. Give me the Unreal beauty that you photographed swathed in white fur. Who cares if she can't cook? Like most Real Men, I can—anything but quiche.
Jay Fox
Wildwood, Calif.

Who says Brooke Shields and Princess Anne are Unreal Women? Shields goes to school while maintaining a highly successful acting and modeling career. Anne is raising a family, trying to hold her marriage together, and performing a job that she can't quit.
Lynn A. Barnhill

Perhaps your assignment of the Heaven's Gate Award to Francis Ford Coppola's One From the Heart was appropriate, but not for the reasons you intended. The real similarities between the two films lay not in their so-called budget excesses but in the lack of distribution and appreciation they received. Remember that Heaven's Gate was shown for only two previews in New York before it was pulled for re-editing by the studio, which had overreacted to the adverse opinions of a very few people who had the opportunity to see the picture. One From the Heart may have grossed only $1 million, but it was exhibited for less than three months in only 15 cities. Not a fair chance for either film, in my opinion.
Dianne C. Wickes

Picks & Pans
You think that the Oak Ridge Boys' song Bobbie Sue is "adolescent rockabilly." I think you have your wires crossed.
Harriet R. Sprung
Gloversville, N.Y.

Your pan of Diana Ross' new LP Silk Electric was cruel and harsh. If Ross is, as you say, "hardly one to flex anything," how did Muscles reach No. 10 on the pop charts and No. 4 on the soul charts? Whether you want to accept it or not, she is a superstar.
George Beardsley
Massapequa Park, N.Y.

At a time when country & Western is all the rage and hard rock dominates, it is refreshing to hear classical music, even in bits and pieces; consequently, I felt your dismissal of Hooked on Classics was thoughtless. Any record that draws young people back to this music is worthwhile. And while you may have found these songs "barely recognizable," anyone with a little knowledge of the repertory would know these very familiar tunes.
Deborah Ann Steinhauser
Homer, N.Y.

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