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updated 01/24/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/24/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

Rona elbows in
At a Hollywood tribute to Kirk Douglas for his role as benefactor to Technion, Israel's technological institute, Rona Barrett honored the Douglas clan in her own way. She decided that Kirk should form an entertainment company with his four sons. (Peter, 27, Joel, 35, and Michael, 38, already are involved in film production, while actor Eric, 24, recently joined the road tour of Master Harold...and the Boys.) Running into Michael, Rona did her best to twist his arm about the venture. But his resistance robbed Rona, temporarily at least, of a juicy morsel for her $1,000-a-year showbiz newsletter.

Wood-be professor
Class Notes. Professor Ron Wood, the Rolling Stones guitarist, lectured some 3,000 students about the music biz in a one-shot Manhattan adult ed class. Key Topics. 1. Tardiness: By arriving an hour late, Professor Wood taught students that, unlike rock stars, teachers don't have opening acts. 2. Life-style: Swigging whiskey, the absentminded Professor showed how such beverages can limit a performer's vocabulary. They do not, however, hinder his ability to play impressive guitar riffs. 3. Technique: Insightful pointers about playing the pedal steel guitar included: "You push down on these pedals and then put your fingers here." 4. Breeding: Professor Wood reviewed a budding rocker's history: "I first went onstage when I was 9, playing the washboard." Note: Washboard demonstration omitted. 5. Truancy: Professor Wood decried class-skipping with harsh words for fellow Stones member Keith Richards, who sent his father to fill a reserved row. Conclusion: Never pay $30 to hear a rock star talk.

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